Communicate for Business Success

Are You Communicating?

You have a great idea for an upcoming, marketing campaign and pitch it to your client. Silence.

You need information to finish a project and send out an email, call and text. Silence.

You call your client and leave a message to get some information for a looming deadline. Silence.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I’ve heard this one too many times in the last few months from fellow, small business owners. They start out with great relationships with their clients, and the communications are open.

Things are going great. The client is making money, and customers are clicking on their Websites and buying their products and services.

And then, the silent treatment starts.

Silence is Not Golden in Business.

Maybe you are so busy dealing with things at your company that you just don’t have time to take phone calls or return e-mails?

Maybe you are fearful that your vendor is going to replace you, and you’ll be out of a job?

Maybe you have something to hide or are just too important to deal with vendors?

Really? While you may be inundated with work or feel insecure, that’s no reason for the silent treatment. Plus, you are missing out on some very important communications that can help you:

•    Save time and money.

By communicating with vendors and giving them all the information they need to provide the best services possible, everybody wins. You get projects completed quickly and that means faster business growth.

•    Develop new ideas to beat the competition.

You may be too close to your organization to spot valuable opportunities. By talking to your vendors and listening to their ideas, you may uncover a goldmine of marketing ideas, products and services that can beat the competition.

•    Build relationships.

Didn’t you hire your vendors in the first place because they were smarter than you about a particular area? If you treat your vendors with respect, they will be more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth about your company. And you never know who your vendors know or if their companies will expand rapidly – You could end up working for them at some point!

Silence is Deadly for Your Business.

If you are too insecure about your skills, fearful of losing your job or just don’t have the courtesy to respond to people, snap out of it! If you want to be successful, it’s essential to treat people with respect – no matter who they are.

Your vendors help you serve your customers so that you can concentrate on your core business skills. If you build a positive relationship with them and communicate regularly, you will save time and money and develop great ideas that will beat the competition… so what are you waiting for? I think I hear your phone ringing!

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