Voting is over. Now what?

–> Fantastic! We don’t have to listen to repetitive campaign advertisements any longer!

But the best news for small business owners now is that many media members will start focusing on stories that have nothing to do with candidates, politics or Washington.

Are you ready?

If you haven’t already done so, start preparing your:

– Unique Story for a Holiday Pitch.
What is your business doing that is newsworthy this holiday season?

– PR Plan for 2009.
What do you want to accomplish with your publicity efforts next year? It’s time to start writing down your goals and how you are going to achieve them.

– 2009 Online and Print Media Kit.
Is your media kit current? Be sure you have the most recent bios, photos, company facts, press releases, and other items posted on your online newswroom.

– Future Story Angles.
It may be cool outside, but inside, you need to start thinking about pitch ideas for magazines and other publications that work four to six months in advance. Check editorial calendars now and start pitching, or you may miss some important deadlines!

These are just a few reminders to help you stay current on your PR activities. Who knows? If you take action now, you just may get a media quote by the end of the week. And at this point, we’d much rather hear your story than more news about the campaign!

If you have comments or need help with your PR activities, please comment below or at I’d love to help you out! �

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