PR Too Expensive? Think Again.

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If you are currently worried about finances, you may want to review your public-relations efforts and look into getting outside help.


Think it’s too expensive?


Well, you could be wasting time and money by continuing your current publicity activities!


By hiring a PR consultant who acts as an extension of your team and actually cares about your overall success, you can save money and experience many benefits. After all, would you like to:


1. Stop wasting time on PR and writing efforts, and focus on core business strategies to bring in new customers, partners and sponsors;


2. Obtain media placements and third-party credibility that are impossible to purchase via advertising;


3. Experience a snowball effect once your story hits a major press venue (this builds more awareness and media attention that costs nothing);


4. Receive individual attention, know what is going on with publicity efforts at all times and work quickly and cost-effectively; and


5. Use all of your new media-clippings in your marketing efforts to build sales?


These are just a few examples of how the right publicist can help you save time, money and effort… so if you haven’t already done so, you may want to start researching potential candidates and move your PR activities up on your business priority-checklist.



Got questions about your Website copy, SEO copywriting and marketing strategies to boost sales and awareness fast? Write to me here or at I can help!

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