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10 Ways to Create a Successful Business Pitch

Recently, the term "business pitch" has become as popular as the term "startup." A pitch is essentially a business plan that one presents verbally to potential investors of a business. A shorter summary of the complete pitch is an elevator pitch. The startup owner has to clearly explain the business opportunity to the investors, so...
women angel investors
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6 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Successfully Pitch to Women Angel Investors

The stats for women in investing are somewhat bleak. Only 11% of VC partners are women, and as a whole, women angel investors have only reached 22%. On the entrepreneur side, things look better, with over 40% being women. However, things are starting to look up even more. According to the Angel Capital Association (ACA),...
creative financing
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7 Creative Financing Options for New Businesses and Startups

It takes money to make money. But financing isn't always easy — especially if you're the proud founder of a brand new business. Traditional banks and financial institutions set a high bar for borrowers. They want to see years in business, consistent revenue and excellent credit scores, and those are things that most new businesses...
exit strategy
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This Angel Investor Shares Why You Need an Exit Strategy from the Start

For founders and entrepreneurs building up their business, the initial startup stage typically focuses on the product, technology or service offering. You’re energized by your idea and engrossed in building the best business concepts possible. While all of this is vital to your business and essential to the success of your company, it’s also critical...
angel investor raise smart money
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This Angel Investor Shares 11 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Raise Smart Money

Oftentimes, I read articles offering tips for entrepreneurs that revolve around generic advice on getting started. However, what is often direly needed is how to appeal to investors and raise smart money — knowledge that is essential for fundraising and a master key to building, accelerating and scaling your new venture. The investment platform I...
from our founder venture capital
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How Angel and Venture Capital Funding Shape the Future of Innovation

When many people think of how the business sector relates to startup companies and the venture funding that invests in them, the perception is that this part of the economy is irrelevant and doesn’t impact the average person’s life. But a deeper look tells a much different story, one that actually touches all of us...
startupnation business beat
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Michigan Angel Investors (Episode 8)

It's one thing to have a great business idea, but how do you get it funded? That's where angel investors come in.   On this morning's WJR Business Beat, Jeff shares the essentials entrepreneurs need in order to secure angel funding. He also speaks with Doron York of Birmingham Angels, an angel investor group based...
funding resources women
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4 Funding Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

March is Women’s History Month, and last year, I shared an article about small business grants available for women entrepreneurs running niche startups. Grants are a fantastic resource for any entrepreneur starting or growing a business, as they provide a specific sum of money to fund your business. And, depending on the grant, other potential incentives include...
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10 Tips for Women to Successfully Raise Startup Capital

Women have more of a challenge than men when it comes to raising money. According to Fortune Magazine, all-women teams raised only 2.2 percent of available capital in 2017, versus 79 percent for all-male teams. To address this imbalance, women need to be keenly aware of what it takes to make a successful pitch to...
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3 Often Overlooked Funding Sources for Startups

There’s a lot involved in launching a new startup, from brainstorming to planning to research. But then, after so many coffee-fueled ideas are bounced around and fleshed out, you realize you need to get down to the not-so-fun (but necessary) business of figuring out how to fund your new venture. For early-stage startups, sourcing funding...
venture capital
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Venture Capital vs. Angel Investments: What’s Best For My Business?

For those new to entrepreneurship, it’s not uncommon to get venture capital and angel investments mixed up when considering funding options for your business. The reality, of course, is that these two types of investors do not finance businesses in the same way. Each investor offers businesses different amounts of capital, and even the kinds...
job search
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How This Entrepreneur Created the Ultimate Job Search Site

Beeya is a metasearch engine for jobs founded by CEO Ladan Davia. The company aggregates job listings from all the major job search sites in one place. It helps job-seekers save time and resources by using an algorithm that matches them with jobs based on their resume and job postings.  “I got an email from...
angel investor
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How to Find and Secure an Angel Investor

Lately, I’ve seen many conversations on how to raise early funds for your startup. If you have at the very least a working prototype, and have exhausted your friends and family network, you might consider moving on to the possibility of an angel investor. What is an angel investor? Angel investors are focused on helping...
seed money
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What is Seed Money and How Can Entrepreneurs Get It?

There are various options available to entrepreneurs when it comes to funding, ranging from grants to crowdfunding. Another option is seed money. But what does this term mean? Where can entrepreneurs seek out this kind of funding? And what should entrepreneurs know about the current seed capital landscape? What is seed money? Also referred to...
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3 Ways to Start a Business When You’re Already Drowning in Debt

Ever since I was young, I've had an entrepreneurial spirit. When I was 15 years old, and all my friends were working at supermarkets and fast-food joints, I started a successful landscaping company. I kept it going until I graduated from high school and moved away for college. Then, during my freshman year in college,...
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3 Tips For Bootstrapping Your Business Like a Boss

A couple of years ago, I shared my story of how I bootstrapped the purchase of my small business. Nearly a decade has passed since that moment in time and in retrospect, I am still so satisfied with my decision and that I was able to make bootstrapping work in my favor. Sure, it might...
venture capitalists
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Why Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors Look at Teams, Not Ideas

Many would-be entrepreneurs spend hours, weeks and maybe even years working on the “perfect” idea to attract venture capital funding. They travel from coast to coast, setting up meetings and refining their idea. However, the reality, according to the Harvard Business Review, is that historically, less than 1 percent of U.S. companies have raised capital...