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WJR Business Beat
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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Internet Traffic Boomed in 2020 (Episode 187)

On today's WJR Business Beat, Jeff shares results from the Comcast 2020 Performance Data Report, which shows that Comcast customers generated 1 trillion plus internet requests daily last year. Other key findings include: Peak internet traffic rose 32% compared with pre-pandemic levels Entertainment activities continued to dominate network traffic, with video streaming accounting for 71%...
google analytics
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A Visual Guide to Google Analytics for Entrepreneurs

When you start up a new business, amongs the first things you do nowadays is get a website made, and no business website is complete without a Google Analytics account. There’s so much more to Google’s software than a box-ticking exercise for web developers and digital marketers. Thirty to 50 million websites use Analytics, but...
Content marketing
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7 Ways to Know if Your Content Marketing is Actually Working

I’ve talked a lot about content marketing and how to do it effectively. How do you actually know if all the time and money that you’re investing in content is actually paying off? The obvious measure that most people use is traffic: website visits, sessions and pageviews. However, traffic on its own really doesn’t tell you...
Internet Marketing
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The Landscape of the Internet Today

Landscape of the Internet: How busy can "one second" online be? The Internet is growing day by day. Every second online is packed with information and activity. Have you ever pondered the massive amounts of data that is being processed online in any one moment? Ever wanted to know exactly what the internet does in...
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Get on the Google Rocketship!

This is the second time this year (so far) that I've done a shameless plug for a product offered here at StartupNation. But when I believe in something so strongly -- in its value and transformative power to set businesses on a more successful path -- I just can't help it! This one's called Google...
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5 Content Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You want more traffic coming to your website, right? If you already create some type of content for your business, you should try these 5 content strategies to generate more qualified traffic to your site: 1. Target the Weekends The weekends experience a slowdown in business marketing content. Take advantage of the decreased competition by...
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Opinions on 7 Ways to Boost Your Web Visibility

This week's StartupNation newsletter featured an article on the 7 Ways to Boost Your Web Visibility. While we know we're just scratching the surface with the article, and there will soon be much more content in this area, the StartupNation community has begun to weigh in with some opinion and reaction. Here's David Binkowski's perspective...