How Business Mentors Can Benefit Your Startup

Entrepreneurs want to go their own way. Otherwise they wouldn’t be entrepreneurs. Though it’s admirable to do everything by yourself, it’s also impossible. Doing something the second time is always easier than the first because ultimately, experience is priceless. Business mentors give entrepreneurs access to relevant practical experience most consider wisdom. Finding the right mentor to... Read More

The Purpose Is Profit: Becoming an Entrepreneur [Book Excerpt]

If you have the dream to become an entrepreneur and start your own business, “The Purpose Is Profit” was written for you. It gives you the inside story from the entrepreneur’s perspective. “The Purpose Is Profit” covers the full arc—from the struggle to conceive the right idea, to funding the startup, to scaling the business, to executing... Read More

7 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Online Business

Social media marketing is a cross-functional and interdisciplinary concept which uses various platforms to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals. Consumers and businesses alike use social media marketing to effectively communicate to share wants, needs, values and reviews. Effective social media marketing can assist your online business in a number of ways, by: Building conversations... Read More