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5 Tips for Marketing with Facebook Live

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In our business, my husband and I are always looking for new ways to reach clients online, using Instagram, Facebook and even Snapchat. We regularly use these platforms, giving potential buyers an exclusive peek into new houses on the market. We also started experimenting with Facebook Live, which is a relatively new tool for small business owners and marketers. We quickly realized it was a valuable way to connect with future clients and create content for our Facebook page at the same time.

Thanks to the current popularity of video, this up-and-coming marketing tool is valuable for every business owner and marketer, regardless of industry:

“People spend more than three times more time watching a Facebook Live video, on average, compared to a video that’s no longer live,” according to a Facebook news release.

If you maintain a Facebook page, but haven’t tried going “Live” just yet, then now’s the time to start. Here are a few tips we’ve learned as we experimented with this fun, new marketing tool, and how you can implement it with your own business.

Write a great title

When you go live, followers get a notification and the title is the only thing they see. Make your title descriptive but fun, to reel viewers in. For example:

  • Live Tour of a Beautiful La Jolla Home
  • Exclusive unboxing of our brand new [insert product here]
  • Bike pro Kevin Smith shows you how to replace your bike chain

Introduce yourself

When the video begins, introduce yourself and remind viewers what they’re about to see. When introducing yourself, say your name and the name of your business, along with where you are and any other details that will help viewers prepare for the video.

When speaking, keep these three simple tips in mind:

  • Talk clearly and loudly; don’t mumble
  • Talk to the camera, which will help your voice project into the speaker
  • Reduce outside noise when possible by moving to a new area if you’re outside or closing a window if you’re inside

Encourage viewers to interact

One of the coolest parts of using Facebook Live is the way it allows you connect with viewers in real-time, because they can respond to you via comments. To encourage viewers to interact, ask questions. For example, when showing a house, we might ask, “What did you think of that wallpaper bathroom? Would you renovate?”

On the other hand, you can ask viewers to send in their questions via the comment section. They might ask, “How much would the HOA fees be in that area?” or, “Do you know of any houses in the same neighborhood for a more affordable price?”

These questions give you a chance to show your knowledge of your particular industry. When potential clients see you as trustworthy, they’re more likely to consider working with you.

Edit your video

Once the video is over, use the built-in editor to add and modify a variety of details, including:

  • URL
  • Thumbnail
  • Call to action (CTA)
  • Category
  • Title

These details help your video stand out on your videos page and make it a valuable marketing tool, thanks to the CTA and link you’ve added. You can re-share this video later to get even more out of it, or use it for an engaging Facebook ad.

Pro tip: don’t forget to save the video to your camera roll so it can be repurposed on your website, blog or for other marketing materials.

Add a post-show comment

Make the most of your newly archived video with a post-show comment, encouraging more views and comments from those who did and didn’t watch. Here are a few ways to make the most of your comment:

  • Thank everyone who watched your live video and call out someone who may have asked a great question. Perhaps you write a blog post addressing the question and link to the post in your comment.
  • Answer any questions that went unanswered during the broadcast. Make sure to tag the person you’re talking to or reply directly to their comment so they can see it.
  • Invite more questions and comments with something like, “Wow, we can’t believe how amazing this home was. Is there something you would change about it before moving in? We want to know what you think!”

With your Facebook Live video now edited and archived, it’s time to try it again. Use Facebook’s analytics to see which videos get more interaction than others to optimize what you broadcast, when you broadcast and more. With these tips, and the data from your videos, you’ll turn Facebook Live into a great marketing tool in no time.

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