Business Startup Good Ideas & Bad Ones

The community is rockin’ powerful. How do I know? I often am contacted by a community member who finds that their forum comments show up in a Google search for their company name or website. This is good, no?

Well, it depends. If your comments are positive, encouraging, smart & provocative and add value to your personal or company brand – then … absolutely good.

If your comments are negative, rude or insensitive, boring and something you’d never say to someone face-to-face – then … definitely bad.

Is this so surprising? It shouldn’t be. But the better question is – how can you take advantage of this as an entrepreneur?

Easy answer = actively contribute a lot of positive, encouraging, smart & even provocative posts. One of our community members landed a new client because of the posts that he had made in the StartupNation community. The client saw that he was active in the forums & it impressed him.

So the best way to act is to create more forum posts that increase your reputation.

That’s the real power of using the StartupNation community.

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