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Jon Gillespie-Brown, AuthorOn Thursday, Jon Gillespie-Brown, author of the new book, “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur” shared his tips and insights. Here is the rest of that interview:


How are you marketing and promoting your book?

The book is published by Wiley and Co. and they do most of the promotion, PR and marketing. However, I have decided to help augment the publisher’s efforts by getting the word out as well, working with great people and websites like yours. I also publish a blog that I regularly update with ideas to help readers and mentees alike.


What three top tips would you like to share with the StartupNation audience related to starting and growing a business?


Cash, cash and cash! This is what I obsess about every day and have done so for most of my life in my various start-ups. 


Don’t worry about profit, revenue or other stuff, just focus on the cash – how to get it (sales and investors) and keep it (buy low, give short payment terms and take long payment terms) for as long as possible. Everything else will come.


What are your favorite websites for news, information and fun?


I could write a long piece on this alone. I have many, many feeds that I aggregate into Google Reader and review every day for useful information. These include the New York Times,, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, GMSV, Wired, Forbes and more. On my desktop I have On my blogroll I recommend more:

Is there anything else you would like to add?


As a last thought, I would ask people to consider one of my favorite words in the English language: “Contribution.”  What does contribution mean?  Well, my definition is: “Giving with no expectation of anything in return.”

I challenge your readers to give it a try. Just get started helping others with your own unique gift (not money). This can be giving your time, just simply supporting others – you will know what you can do to help, just try it!

If you do this and then look at the change in your life after a reasonable period, say a few months, see what you notice: How do you feel now? Have you noticed others helping you or have you moved along life’s journey faster and with more passion?

Did you notice “odd” changes? – Positive things happened to you and people helped you without you specifically requesting them to?

Go ahead…give me the benefit of the doubt and try it.

Be prepared to be amazed.

If entrepreneurism intrigues you even a little bit, come visit my website –  You’ll learn more of what I’ve talked about in this interview.  Better yet, visit and purchase a copy of my book: “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?”

All the profits go directly to the Grameen Foundation and then on to helping other would-be entrepreneurs less fortunate than you.  Imagine that, through the simple act of buying a book to further your entrepreneurial journey, you’re helping to launch someone else’s venture.

Thanks so much Jon!

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