Promoting your business

Promotion is an essential part of the marketing process. Promotion decisions include those related to communicating your message, advertising, and public relations. When you promote your business well, it will create desire in your customers’ minds and your business will more quickly succeed. Think of promotion as the umbrella that encompasses all methods of getting the word out about your company.

As an email marketer, you can easily create messages about your company and send them to your subscribers, and continually build up your customer base through the use of “Forward-to-a-Friend” links. At iContact, you have several options for creating and promoting your email newsletters. iContact has hundreds of built-in message templates designed to make your marketing messages really stand out. You can even import your newsletter or marketing message straight from your blog or website. Once you create your email messages, you can send them out to your customers, or post them to your blog on the iContact Community.

Advertising and public relations are also essential parts of promoting your company. One of the goals of a good public relations campaign is to obtain positive publicity for you business. Good publicity is like a third party recommendation and is often better than advertising your services. Good media and public relations requires time and planning, as you need to build and cultivate relationships with key journalists and editors who in time will come to know your company. In a future post, I’ll discuss how to put together an efficient and successful public relations campaign.

This post concludes our discussion on the Four Ps of Marketing. Please review the past few posts for advice about how to understand and utilize these fundamentals of marketing your business.


Ryan Allis

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