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I have found that inventing, starting a business up, and other entrepreneurially thingies follow the same emotional pattern as your first roller coaster ride.

Step 1: I’m so excited I could just pee.

This is when you size up the ride. You’re caught in the moment considering the immense possibilities of your idea. The dizzying heights and speed you’ll attain as you bring that pup to market. You just may have to visit the entrepren-urinal before you get in that waiting line to launch.

Step 2: I’m so sick I could just puke.

As your product or business winches up that long track to the top of the launch curve, you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach. There’s a nagging voice in your head that says the merry-go-round of corporate existence sure looks a lot safer and less scary. But, it’s too late and off you zoom into the ups and downs of being your own boss.

Step 3: I’m so resilient I wanna go again.

And then you make it. Sure you might have lost your cookies on that loop near the end of the ride, but you made it. Then, that same voice that wanted to pick a pony at the carousel of corporate life now tells you: “Can we go again?”


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