The Hymn Project Finds a Niche with Piano Hymns-Part Two

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On Tuesday, we heard from Tasha Golden of “The Hymn Project,” Here are more treat tips from Tasha on starting a business in a unique, niche:Tasha Golden of

What techniques have worked the best in bringing in new sales? Why do you think that is?

Most of our sales have come from our online accessibility; most of our customers find us through simple, Internet searches when they’re looking for a resource like ours.  A nearly equal number come from simple word-of-mouth: one satisfied customer to the next. 

This is likely because many of those who need this product can immediately recognize its value to them.  If they need it, they’re already looking for it.On the other hand, word-of-mouth can function from the opposite angle:  A lot of people who would use The Hymn Project simply haven’t thought to look for it.�
For instance, we’ve had several elderly customers who simply longed to hear some hymns they remember from childhood…so they were delighted to find out from friends (or their children) that something like “The Hymn Project” was available. 

In addition, there are a lot of small churches and military chaplains that haven’t considered singing to CDs.  If they hear of this as a possible solution, especially from a friend or colleague, they may jump on it.

What one thing would you advise new entrepreneurs to be aware of when starting a new business today?

I would simply caution against independence and isolation.  Talk to other entrepreneurs, and get lots of advice; it’s the best guardian against naivete! 

While we knew we had a great idea, none of us had started a business before, and we had very naive ideas about how much money we needed to get started and how quickly we could pay our investors back. We’ve since made it a practice to seek advice constantly. 

No matter what you’re doing, you can benefit from talking with a businessperson who’s been through the ropes: Someone who can offer advice and help you know what to expect.  If you don’t know already know someone, organizations like SCORE provide a wealth of knowledge to entrepreneurs through FREE one-on-one consultations with older, successful businesspeople.  So don’t be afraid to ask questions; you’re not expected to know everything — Even if it IS your business.

Great advice Tasha! Thanks, and we wish you all the best with “The Hymn Project.”

To find out more about Tasha and “The Hymn Project,” visit

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