2 More PR Myths – Busted!

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You can still get PR even if you don’t have a lot of money. Remember my post from last week?

Well, here are two more myths… shattered!


Here’s the scoop directly from my new book, “Simple Publicity – How to do your own public relations to boost sales, awareness and credibility fast… without spending a lot of money.”


“PR Myth #3 – You Can’t Get Good Press Because You Don’t Own a Big Business!    


       Wrong! It’s time to stop the limitations and think big. As a small business owner, you actually have an advantage over big business in obtaining good press. Why? Here are five good reasons:


1. Only you have the passion.


      Your business is your “baby” and you have more passion about it than anyone else on the planet. And only you can convey this passion as you communicate to the media and potential customers and partners.


      Large businesses have comprehensive, communications-departments to talk about their news and events to the media. And often, the strong, passionate feelings about the business can weaken as growth and financial priorities take precedence.


      Think how nice it is for a reporter to talk to a person who is truly passionate and optimistic about what he or she does in today’s onslaught of negativity and bad news?


2. You have a unique story to tell.


      Most people have not heard about your business, and reporters love this. It gives them the opportunity to be the first to cover a new, fresh story that has not been told before.


      Plus, only you can share the specific details about how you created and pursued your business idea to make it a reality.


3. You can move fast without an extended approval process.


      With larger companies, there are usually more people, departments and communication channels to go through in order to obtain approval on various advertising and publicity messages. This takes extra time.


      As a small business owner, you have the advantage of calling the shots and making decisions quickly. This enables you to get appropriate information to the media fast.


      Plus, it will be much easier for reporters to reach you, the owner and leader of the business. Without the hassle of dealing with a corporate hierarchy, they can get the inside information they need from you, write a great story and meet their tight deadlines.


4. You can build personal, media relationships.


      Larger organizations have teams of leaders in various departments who talk to the press, depending on who is available. Since you will be handling all of the interviews, you can create personal relationships directly with media-members.


      By talking to various reporters, you can offer your expertise as a resource for future articles and keep in touch with breaking news-stories.


      If you provide credible, newsworthy information on a regular basis, and reporters are able to get in touch with you quickly, you’ll establish valuable relationships that can turn into major, media-mentions in the future.


5. You can control your messaging.


      Since you’ll be handling all of the media interviews, you can control what is said, how you sell your products and services, the tone/style, and the timing of your important messaging.


      Rather than checking with a legal team or communications department to hone a specific message, you can respond to media-members, and answer interviews questions quickly and accurately.


      Reporters know that they can get in touch with you, confirm story facts and move quickly without having to go through other departments. It’s a win-win situation for you and media-members.


PR Myth Buster #4 – Press Releases Are All You Need.


      Most entrepreneurs immediately think of sending out a press release when they think of public relations.


      But press releases are not always the answer.


      In fact, by sending out a blanket press release to a list of thousands of media-members, you can actually hurt your reputation with the media!


      Today’s media-relations practices involve targeted pitching where the right story angle is developed and communicated to specific reporters, producers and editors at the right time.


      A press release can help customers find your business online via the search engines, get newsworthy information out to the right people and help you accomplish other, unique business goals. But it is not usually the answer for obtaining large numbers of media quotes or press clippings.


      Instead, think of a press release as a relationship-builder. Use it to remind important customers, partners, investors, employees, sponsors, and certain media-members that you have current news, products and services and that your business is up-to-date and growing.


      In fact, if you have a tight budget and schedule, I suggest spending the majority of your publicity time talking to targeted reporters via phone or in person rather than sending out a press release to the masses.


      This way, you can share your passion and introduce yourself to appropriate, media-members directly. And this is usually much more beneficial than writing a press release and simply distributing it to a blanketed list of hundreds of media venues.


      Whether or not these myths come as a surprise to you or not, public-relations does not need to be a mystery. You can use it to your advantage to help your business boost sales, awareness and credibility fast… so let’s get started!”


For valuable information on boosting sales, awareness and credibility with public relations and SEO copywriting, visit www.rembrandtwrites.com and get your copy of “Simple Publicity” to start growing your business!


Copyright 2010 – 1Win Press, “Simple Publicity – How to do your own public relations to boost sales, awareness and credibility fast… without spending a lot of money.” Not to be reproduced without permission.

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