The Scheherazade marketing plan – 1001 Arabian nights

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The ultimate customer retention strategy can be found in the story of Scheherazade & 1001 Arabian Nights.

Do you know the story? King Shahryar decides that all women are inherently unfaithful, so he has each wife murdered after the wedding night. This goes on for three years. The king’s wazir (the guy who beheads the virgin brides in the morning) has problems getting new women, and tells his plight to his daughter Scheherazade, who offers herself as bride for the night.

Risky? Oh yeah. But Scheherazade had a plan. She tells the king an exquisitely captivating story every night and, here’s the key move to her success, leaves him wanting more the next day. So much so, that he gives her a stay of execution every day for 1001 nights of storytelling.

Ultimately, the king recounts his bride-killing strategy, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Are you that captivating for your customers? Are you thinking EVERY DAY about what will make your customers yearn for just one more day of your service or just one more order of your product?

You’d better. Or you will become beheaded by your customers. But if you tell your story properly, you’ll have a customer for a lifetime. Just like Scheherazade.

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