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Email’s Not Dead

Email  Marketing - Dead, dying, done...NOT! Have you heard rumors around the web that email marketing is dying? Don’t believe them! Even though there’s a grain of truth hidden deep in this concern, rest assured that email will remain one of the best ways to keep in touch with your marketing contacts. It’s completely true,...
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The Benefits of Email Marketing

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I first started using email for marketing. There are some obvious down-sides: mostly the effort you must put in to avoid being thought as spam. But, if you do it right, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. At some point I discovered that, to use email marketing...
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Guidelines for Reducing Bounces

Last time I talked about how important it is to remove bounced addresses from your contact lists. This helps reduce your amount of bounced messages. You can reduce the number of bounces by following some simple guidelines before you send your newsletter. 1. Include "Subscription Management" links in your emails and encourage your subscribers to...
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It’s Not Easy Letting the Big Fish Go.

Things are still hoppin’, as you can tell by my lack of posts. My 5-y-o son just graduated from preschool, so he’s home full time now. My 2-y-o son is into everything, as most toddlers are. My husband just had back surgery, which didn’t completely work, so now he’s getting cortisone shots in his tailbone...
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Managing Email Bounces

Managing and reducing email bounces is crucial for email marketing. The more emails that get through, the higher your conversion rates and return on investment will be. On average, about 10% of sent emails bounce. Emails bounce for any of the following reasons: the recipient's inbox is full, the email address does not exist, the...
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Personalizing your messages

Mass communication tools help any organization spread their message with lightning speed. As small business owners, we can communicate with clients across the globe. Our messages can be heard in Russia, Germany and Canada simultaneously. However, we also run the risk of seeming impersonal to our clients. Fortunately, we can still give our messages a...
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HTML, plain-text or both? How to Improve Your Emails

In the late 90s when the majority of web surfers used Prodigy, CompuServe and AOL, every email was formatted as plain-text. AOL 5.0 brought rich-text messages that allowed a user to bold or italicize text. However, AOL 5.0 and contemporary email programs lacked the ability to display full HTML messages. Today, most email programs have...
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The Top Ten Email Marketing Tips

Let's begin with the most important information first. Here is a Top 10 Countdown on the important tips for anyone managing the email marketing process from my perspective. Tips Five through One will be coming next week! #10 Build Your List at Every Opportunity Build your list at every opportunity you have. If you have...
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Email marketing #1 choice for pre-Holiday eCommerce rush

eCommerce companies banking on garnering a strong holiday sales season are planning on utilizing email marketing as their first choice strategy to drive sales. This is according to the latest study by and Forrester Research. The top 3 marketing strategies: Email marketing 52% Search engine marketing 46% Search engine optimization 38% We are not...