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3 Excellent Ways to Bootstrap Your Startup’s Product Launch

You’ve finally decided to embark on the entrepreneurial journey of your dreams and be your own boss. Congratulations! Now that you're in the planning stages, you've likely started thinking about how you’ll fund your dream company. While bootstrapping isn’t for everyone, starting a business with your own funds keeps you from relying on investors for...
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How to Estimate the Development Cost of Your New Mobile App

Have an idea for a great mobile app? One of the key things that you’ll want to look at right away are the development costs. As a startup, you’ll want to get great value for your money without compromising on quality. Development costs vary widely, but in the blog post below, I will show you...
investor ready
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What You Must Know Before Raising Investment for Your Business

The following is excerpted from “Investor Ready,” courtesy of Julie Barber, CEO of Spark! Consulting Before you dive into planning your investment approach, there are some important things to think about. StartupNation exclusive discounts and savings on Dell products and accessories: Learn more here Do you really need investment? You may well reply, “Of...
business idea
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10 Steps to Develop Your Winning Business Idea

You have an idea that you think could be a great business opportunity. You’ve run it by your friends, family and colleagues, and they all agree that this idea has merit. Now what? Before you launch your business, you’ll want to do some research and test the market to prevent building a business around a...
side hustle
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7 Steps to Starting a Side Hustle While Working Full Time

People with an entrepreneurial mindset often find themselves toying with an idea for a business that they can start up while still working their day job. Continuing to work your full-time gig while starting up a side hustle isn’t just understandable risk management—it’s also a savvy business move. According to a study from the Academy...
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How I Conquered My Fears and Became an Entrepreneur

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur? If you answered yes, what’s stopping you? According to Gallup, 25 percent of adults in the U.S. have thought about starting their own business but have yet to take the plunge. If it’s because you’re scared, then you’ve got company. Fear is the most common reason people fail...
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5 Ways to Be More Innovative in Growing Your Startup

Innovation. It’s a hot buzzword in the startup world, and yet, when you’ve been working 15 hour days and struggling to find funding, it’s a concept that you may find difficult to actually capture. While defining innovation and what makes for innovative concepts may vary from one founder to another, I think we can all generally...
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5 Things You Need to Do Before Approaching an Investor

Would you be surprised to know that some of the most innovative startup ideas fail to secure investor funding? Although many startups focus on perfecting their concept, the idea itself is one of the least weighted factors considered by investors. Startup investors listen to pitches constantly, and while they are presented with many “great ideas,”...
lean startup
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How to Innovate Faster Using the Lean Startup Methodology

The following is adapted from "Imagine it Forward: Courage, Creativity and the Power of Change" Copyright © 2018 by Beth Comstock. Published by Currency, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC. During my discovery pilgrimages to Silicon Valley and various “maker” spaces, I started hearing a growing buzz about lean innovation methods almost six months before...
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How to Engage the Right Customers at the Right Time

The following is excerpted from "The Messy Middle" by Scott Belsky, published by Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC. Copyright © 2018 by Scott Belsky. Contrary to logic, you don’t want to attract all of your customers right away. You want your first cohort of willing customers...
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Make it Minimal and Marketable: How Startups Can Build Better Products

We’ve all heard the saying: faster, better or cheaper - pick two. It’s an unfortunate reality of every business, from startups to large enterprises. You can’t have it all. Especially when it comes to product development, all companies face the same restraints around time, resources and money. For startups specifically, with their often smaller budgets...
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5 Ways to Future-Proof Your E-Commerce Brand

In order to stay ahead, e-commerce startups must implement sharp, agile strategies that allow them to adapt to emerging technologies and consumer trends. By focusing on long-term value rather than short-term gain, you’ll future-proof your business and stay ahead of your competitors. Go agile Brands can develop a more agile and efficient way of working...
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5 Money Questions Every Startup Needs to Answer

“Why do some startups fail?” In startup circles, this question is as common as “Why is the sky blue?” Common sense prevailing, one of the main reasons startups fail is that they run out of cash. While no one aims to burn through cash at an alarming rate, a lack of basic financial literacy definitely...
Product launch
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Nail Your Startup’s Product Launch with These Steps

Deadlines are good to have, but it's equally important how we communicate those deadlines to our teams and project stakeholders, especially during a product launch. There are a few key things to consider around the launch of a new product, such as: Do you need a deadline for a product launch? Is there a market life...