6 Reasons Why Startups Should Use Chatbots

Delivering a positive customer experience should be a priority for every startup. With 50 percent of consumers switching brands because of poor service, you could risk your fledgling enterprise’s future if you overlook the quality of your customer experience. Fortunately, businesses have more tools at their disposal to keep customers satisfied than ever, including the implementation of chatbots.

Chatbots are an increasingly popular communication tool used across all sectors, but why should you integrate it into your startup’s site?

Inspires confidence in your customers

Adding chatbots to your website inspires more confidence in your visitors, and according can even lead to an increase in sales. After a customer makes a purchase, they are 33 percent more likely to buy again. Upselling immediately after a purchase through the use of chatbots is a great way to boost sales. 

The ease factor also works to your startup’s advantage: customers know they can ask a question about a product or service without having to close their browser and make a call.

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Round-the-clock support

Chatbot software empowers your startup to help customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a major benefit if you have customers overseas and cater to those in different time zones. Being available round the clock shows that your company is dedicated to your customers’ experience and eliminates the frustration of waiting for the office to open the next day. Never underestimate how important convenience is to your buyers.

Keeping support expenses low

Startups tend to operate on tight budgets, but chatbots allow you to do more with less. As your agents can handle numerous interactions at the same time, they will be more productive over live chat than over the phone. And since fewer customers will be left waiting for assistance, improving their overall experience, you’ll have happier customers on your hands. On top of this, better productivity means you can operate with a smaller customer service team, fewer salaries and lower overhead costs. 

Gain valuable customer insights

Monitoring the quality of your customer service is crucial in identifying mistakes and opportunities for improvement. According to LiveAgent, 93 percent of companies using customer analytics extensively achieved higher profits than their competitors.

Chatbot interactions can be reviewed through transcripts as part of an evaluation process. Did agents present a professional attitude? Did they make the customer feel valued? Were chances to upsell seized?

By studying customer interactions via live chat, your startup may improve its overall customer service. You’ll get to know what the most common questions and issues are, and see where sales agents (and your overall business) can improve.

Boost retention rates

Keeping customers satisfied is essential for the long-term success of your startup and is surprisingly cost-effective. In fact, acquiring new customers is five to 25 times more costly than keeping an existing buyer. Effective live chat software can store historical information on past interactions with every customer. Agents can review this data and provide a more personalized experience in the future, saving customers from needing to repeat themselves or providing contact details again.

Being able to maintain consistent services helps to keep customers feeling valued and, ultimately, loyal. 

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Stand out from the crowd

Regardless of the numerous benefits of chatbots, they’re still a surprisingly underutilized tool. Emails and social media are common, but live chat support is absent from more startup and small business websites than you may realize. Integrating a live chat feature into your website can help you gain a competitive edge. Customers will have direct access to support with a faster process than your industry rivals may be offering. 

Chatbots can help startups succeed

Launching your startup is a challenge and demands a lot of commitment. Winning customers over and driving conversions might not be easy, but good service is a major factor in achieving success. Adding a chatbot function to your website can help to improve your customer experience, boost retention rates and secure more sales.

If you’ve integrated it into your startup’s services, what benefits have you enjoyed so far? Please share with us in the comments section below!

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