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Here Are 5 Best Practices for Post-Pandemic Content Marketing

Consumers have changed and evolved, and it’s imperative that your content marketing efforts reflect their current needs. Deloitte’s 2021 Global Marketing Trends reports the trends that can help organizations connect, engage and grow in our post-pandemic era, which include: Purpose: Knowing why and who you’re serving. Agility: How agile is your strategy? Human experience: Your...
digital marketing
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Boost Your Customer Retention by Implementing These 5 Digital Marketing Trends

There is no denying the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly altered consumer behaviors, and in some cases, perhaps permanently. Chief among this is an increased appreciation for e-commerce businesses, with online shopping taking off like never before. While many brands struggled during this time of crisis, companies that already had a strong online presence were able to...
onboarding emails
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6 Tactics for Incredible Customer Onboarding Emails

Onboarding emails are one of the first things a new user sees when they sign up for a service. To some, they’re helpful, while others see them as a nuisance — like instant spam mail. That being said, user reception is typically based on how good the onboarding email is. In this article, we’ll teach you...
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5 Reasons Why Bootstrapping Your Business Helps Improve Customer Service

Brands have always waged war over customers’ attention, trust and loyalty. They’ve competed on just about everything — from features and specifications to special discounts and service plans. But in today’s marketplace, product and pricing often take the backseat in favor of customer experience and customer service. That’s to be expected in a buyer-centric economy....
online sales
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5 Easy Changes You Can Make to Boost Your Online Sales

E-commerce business owners know that the most frustrating aspect of running an online business is how quickly sales can slip through your fingers.  It seems like you can do just about everything right with your e-commerce business (identify a product and a market, design a beautiful website, come up with compelling marketing campaigns that bring...
Customer Lifetime Value
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How to Calculate and Use Your Customer Lifetime Value to Increase Sales

The headlines continue getting worse and worse for the retail sector, as the rate of retail closures now more than doubles that of new store openings in the U.S. Despite these and other concerns, though, reports that we’re in the midst of a so-called “retailpocalypse” are a bit exaggerated. According to the National Retail Federation,...
customer success
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Why Focusing on Customer Success Will Pay Off in the Long Run

Focusing on customer success is a good way to make sure your business thrives. While getting new customers also generates revenue, being aware of your current clients’ goals and working with them to achieve them is more worthwhile in the long run. Oftentimes, companies don’t remember this and prioritize their own success, forgetting why they...
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6 Simple Hacks for Building Loyal, Long-Term Clients

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, that much is obvious. But what many companies (both big and small) fail to realize is that they could be much healthier in the long run if they built a base of loyal, long-term clients, rather than constantly trying to chase down new customers. Research shows that it...
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Take Your Startup’s Marketing Automation Further with AI

It’s been said that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future, but I’d argue that AI is very much a thing of the here and now. It’s playing an increasingly significant role in marketing efforts, and is taking marketing automation to the next level. And during an era when customers are demanding fast and hyper-personalized service,...
side hustle
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4 Signs Your Side Hustle is Sustainable and Ready to Grow

Side hustles are all about balance. By its very definition, a “side hustle” is a profit-making endeavor that you do on the side of an additional, typically full-time, job. Anyone who has a side hustle is usually juggling a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, so organization, time management and personal discipline are key. While...
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6 Reasons Why Startups Should Use Chatbots

Delivering a positive customer experience should be a priority for every startup. With 50 percent of consumers switching brands because of poor service, you could risk your fledgling enterprise’s future if you overlook the quality of your customer experience. Fortunately, businesses have more tools at their disposal to keep customers satisfied than ever, including the...
artificial intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence: Why Entrepreneurs Should Embrace Hybrid Workforces

Artificial intelligence and automated assistants are here to make life easier. Despite this fact, many startups let fear prevent them from taking advantage of new technology. One recent survey found that 56 percent of Americans believe that automation destroys more jobs than it creates. In this study, a third of respondents expressed personal fear of...
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Why Transparency Should Be a Key Pillar of Your Business Strategy

As entrepreneurs, we all love a good challenge. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t bother trying to start a business in the first place. But starting a business is one thing, and bootstrapping one is another; especially when competing against corporations with multi-million dollar budgets. While it may be a daunting challenge, it’s not an impossible one. In fact,...
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How Much Budget Should You Allocate to Marketing Your Business?

Knowing how much to spend on marketing can be difficult, especially if you’re a startup with no historical data on which to base your decision. With so many diverse ways available to reach your audience these days, it’s also challenging to identify the best marketing methods. So where do you start in this process, and...
customer retention
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The Best Customer Retention Strategies for Small Business Owners

Getting new customers and convincing your current customers to stay loyal is a major challenge for many small businesses. Gaining new customers is expensive. It’s almost always better to use time and energy on customer retention strategies instead of fighting a battle to constantly replace them with new customers. Churn rate matters In order to retain...
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Top 2 Essential Strategies for Startup Revenue Growth

Perhaps the most fundamental question on every business owner's mind is, "How do I increase my revenue?" It's a question that can create anxiety, fuel determination or lead to even more questions. As plenty of research has shown, the health of your business impacts your personal health, quite literally. It's no wonder this topic stirs up...