Your Next 5 Email Marketing Ideas

When I was in college, my roommate’s homework always seemed more interesting to me, (clue- I should have been a marketing major). I came up with fun ideas for advertising campaigns, product pitches, even helped her write scripts for radio ads.  She couldn’t scribble them down as fast as some of the wacky ideas came out. Now when I’m on the road speaking with VerticalResponse customers about small business marketing (that’s my liberal studies degree paying off), I’m frequently asked, “What are some ideas for email campaigns for my (add industry here) company.”

Sometimes we all sit down in front of the computer getting ready to create an email marketing campaign and we’re stuck. We don’t know where to begin but we know we need to get it done and keep the flow of communication open with customers. And every time we do write about something interesting, we end up reminding our customers of all the reasons why they liked us in the first place.

Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse, gets this question as often as I do and she’s listed 5 new campaigns you can create today in her blog.  Here’s my quick review of them, but I suggest reading her blog for the full story:
1) Create Your Own Stimulus.- Boost business on a slow night in a restaurant by offering ½ price on a bottle of wine.
2) Declare Your Own Holiday- Plant a Tree Week at a Nursery
3) Create a Report or Write a White Paper- Create a report based on recent survey results and write up a summary of your research.
4) Create an Ask the Expert Column- Add an Ask the Expert Form to your website and use the findings to create new blog topics and email campaigns full of tips your customers actually want to learn about.
5) Create your Own Award- Award your loyal customers with a special status they can use to promote themselves, they are likely to tell their friends about it.

Do you have an unique ways you create content for your email campaigns that you’d like to share?

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