One Little Marketing Strategy That Reaps Big Results

14 Feb 2011

Wendy Kenney

Best-selling author Wendy Kenney owns the company 23 Kazoos, a marketing and publicity firm in Phoenix, Arizona, that has helped companies like Culver's Restaurants, The Arizona Farm Bureau and Tom Chambers Commercial increase their visibility through social media, publicity, and creative marketing strategies.Wendy honed her marketing skills while working for organizations such as MetLife, WebMd, and PacifiCare, as well as owning her own businesses for over 18 years.

As a Marketing Expert, Wendy speaks internationally to corporations and organizations about marketing strategy, branding, and low cost, no cost marketing.

Wendy lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband Mike, and three teenage sons. Her personal goal is to visit all of the Major League Ballparks in the US before she turns 49. So far she has been to 13.

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Follow Wendy on Twitter @WendyKenney

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Home office expert Lisa Kanarek is the founder of and the author of five books about working from home, including her new book Organize Your Home Office for Success. Lisa works with entrepreneurs and home-based employees through seminars and individual consultations, to create functional home offices that meet each individual’s working style.

I love writing. No, let me put it another way, I love words. Writing is the one skill that I am grateful for. Yet, I’m the first to admit that I’m not a great writer, but just an okay one. There are people who take the written word to a whole new level, and while I aspire to be able to do that, it’s still far from me. To me, writing is a struggle. But in this day and age, writing is a necessity. And in spite of all of our advances in technology, the ancient form of communication via writing is more important than ever. After all, content is king.

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing lately because I’ve been reading; well- well listening via, to the book What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s an anthology of articles that Gladwell had previously written for the New Yorker magazine. Gladwell has a gift for writing that echoes the great writers of the past, Hemingway, Bradbury, FitzgeraldFaulkner, although Gladwell focuses on nonfiction.

Using a blank page as a canvas and the written word as his paint, Gladwell paints pictures of people, events, and ideas that captivate his reader. When reading Gladwell’s work I can feel my brain cells literally dance from excitement for he has a way to awaken them in ways that other writers haven’t. I don’t fall in love with Gladwell, but I fall in love with his words, as an art collector falls in love with an original Monet. I anticipate each word with sheer delight, marveling at how he intertwines the words to create a masterpiece of writing, a literal work of art.

Of all the things I learned in high school and college, I’m thankful for learning how to write, every day. Writing as been the most effective marketing strategy that I have used to grow my business, hands down, regardless of what platform, Twitter, Facebook, book, blog, ebook, how to article, etc. Because of writing, Egypt is on its way to democracy.  Writing is powerful.

What do you think about writing? Do you love it? Hate it? Who are your favorite writers, bloggers, and authors? I’m always looking for the best of the best. Share them here.

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