Don’t Get Too Excited-Wait for Media Placements to Happen

Woo Hoo! After hours of research, pitching and dealing with false promises from various media members, I scored an interview for my client with Newsweek. It is tentatively scheduled to be a feature story, but we’ll see what happens.

And this brings me to an important point I’ve learned over the years…Don’t celebrate a media clipping until it is actually published or airs.

After all, the editor may cut the story, a hot news item may develop, quotes and stats may be written incorrectly, and other situations can occur that are simply out of your control.

Celebrate the fact that you actually got through to the press member with your pitch for a few minutes, record the tentative publish date for the story and move on to your next goal. 

By doing this, you’ll save yourself a lot of disappointment and potential embarrassment. And when the story actually appears, you can share it with everyone and celebrate your small success!

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