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4 Ways to Promote Team Collaboration and Inspire Innovation Within Your Startup

What do all startups that drive growth by embracing strategic thinking, inspiring creativity and supporting talent have in common? Team collaboration. Market competition is thick. Startups that embrace inventiveness and creativity rise, and such innovation happens when leadership and teams unify in pursuit of a shared vision within a culture that highly values collaboration. Here are...
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3 Core Objectives to Help You Lead Your Startup Through the Pandemic

Navigating through a global pandemic is something that no entrepreneur can prepare themselves for. Past experiences and successes go out the window once uncertainty hits and we are forced to make quick, unprecedented and ultimately risky decisions. As a founder and CEO myself, production of our flagship device was just beginning as the world came...
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This is Why Empathy is an Essential Leadership Trait for Entrepreneurs

The following is excerpted from "Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership" by Michael Ventura. Copyright © 2019 by Michael Ventura. Reprinted by permission of Atria, an Imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Empathy is a squishy word. Sometimes it’s confused with sympathy or misinterpreted as “being nice.” That isn’t empathy. Empathy is about understanding....
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What’s the Difference Between a Startup Incubator and an Accelerator?

It’s not uncommon for aspiring entrepreneurs to think a startup incubator and accelerator are the same concept. Which does what, exactly? Do entrepreneurs need both in order to succeed? Incubators and accelerators are designed to help guide entrepreneurs and their businesses to success. However, not every startup may be the right fit for both an...
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How Can Entrepreneurs Remedy the 3 Biggest Remote Work Struggles?

The results of Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2018 Report have revealed (not-so-surprisingly) that remote work is here to stay. Ninety percent of remote workers that participated in the study shared that they plan on working remotely for the rest of their careers, with 94 percent encouraging other workers to follow their lead. The benefits that...
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4 Steps to a Culture of Business Innovation

"If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong." - Charles Kettering As profound shifts take place in the modern workplace, entrepreneurs are finally recognizing that the traditional way isn't always the best way. Rather than employees who put their heads down and step in line, entrepreneurs now seek bold innovators to...
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5 Best Practices for Startups With Virtual Teams

Running a remote startup has huge cost advantages over traditional, brick-and-mortar companies, but it also comes with a few downsides. For one, it can be challenging to get virtual teams on the same page if you are miles or continents away from each other. Without face-to-face interactions, you’ll have to contend with issues regarding collaboration,...
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Tips for Successfully Leading Your Team Through Change

We all have our reservations and hang-ups about change. Change creates uncertainty, and in the human mind this drudges up fears of the unknown. Some of us are downright afraid of change and will avoid it at all costs. But of course, as you start and run a business, you will find that you regularly...
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5 Steps for Transforming Your Vision Into Company Success

In the opening chapter of his book, "Double Double," author and mentor Cameron Herold writes, “Many people create goals for the future but don’t really have a vision of what their company will look like at that point.” Having goals is important, but having a clear vision of how to reach those goals often determines...
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Top 6 Mistakes That Virtual Startups Make and How to Learn from Them

Discussions on the failure rate of startups don’t necessarily paint a bright picture. Forbes put this number at around 90 percent, while the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics state that about 50 percent of new startups fail within five years. Another study by CB Insights shows that startups usually fail within 20 months after their last funding round. At...
The Cloud
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6 Tips for Transitioning Your Business to the Cloud

Nowadays, more and more businesses are beginning to rely on cloud technology. However, according to CompTIA’s Fifth Annual Trends in Cloud Computing Study, 63 percent of U.S. companies that transitioned to the cloud said that the process required significant effort. Transitioning your business to the cloud can be challenging, but these tips should help make the process...
Cloud Computing
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How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Startup Company

Cloud computing offers startup businesses plenty of competitive advantages in today's challenging business market. Most importantly, it helps cut costs, which is imperative to the success of oftentimes budget-ridden SMBs. Cloud computing provides these businesses with the distributive IT hardware and software that helps to save on the company’s infrastructure. This allows business owners to...
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Companies collaborate to find solutions

Whether you are an established energy tech company or an inventor who wants to accelerate your idea, NextEnergy and RecoveryPark would like to work with you. The winner of the $80,000 NextEnergy lighting challenge for RecoveryPark LED horticultural lighting project went to a company that took a collaborative approach – Find out how individual tech...