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Closing More Sales
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5 Tips for Getting a Yes and Closing More Sales

An entrepreneur needs to have a well-rounded understanding and knowledge of all components involved in running a business, and being comfortable with sales is especially essential for small business growth. Sales are, quite literally, the thing that make or break your company, so it’s in your best interest to learn how to get more of...
pat flynn superfans
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Thought Leader Pat Flynn Shares the Keys to Attracting Superfans

Pat Flynn started an online business in 2008 after getting laid off from a job in architecture. Since then, he’s built Smart Passive Income into a thriving online community complete with a blog, podcast and online courses. The Smart Passive Income Podcast has been downloaded over 58 million times, and Flynn’s insights on online entrepreneurship...
customer relationships
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How Growing Businesses Can Maintain Customer Relationships Like it’s Day One

Today’s most successful startups are growing fast. Yet, with fast growth comes an expanded customer base; and with it, the potential to lose the close relationships you had in the early days. Customer experience is more important now than ever. A recent Walker study reported that customer experience will overtake product and price as the...
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Important Tasks for Entrepreneurs to Complete Before the End of the Year

As 2019 lurks around the corner, entrepreneurs everywhere are scrambling to address tasks that have been on the back burner for longer than we’d like to admit. From website updates and filing restructures to customer outreach and expense tracking, many tasks are often sidelined in the hustle of the daily grind. To step into the...
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IoT is Changing the Business Model From Freemium to Barter

For service-based businesses like software providers, getting customers can be tricky. Before people commit to a monthly subscription for a service, they need to try the product to make sure it meets their unique needs. This demand gave birth to the freemium model, where customers are given a trial period (typically 30 days or longer)...
customer relationship management
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5 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Use a Customer Relationship Management Solution

Some entrepreneurs hold the notion that customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are like marble lobbies and corporate jets: fine for large enterprises, but unnecessary and expensive for startups and small companies. But how wrong they are. The misconception arose in the technology's early days, when the software was seven-figure expensive and required installation teams to...
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Why the Future of Marketing is About Relationships

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Twitter chat hosted by Marketo about social selling. If you’re not entirely familiar with the term, social selling is about utilizing social channels where your audience is — like Facebook and Instagram — to discover and build rapports with sales prospects. When social selling is done...
Wiki software
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Wiki Software: What Your Small Business Must Know

There are several important factors for all enterprises: Saving time, money and productivity are the main goals, which all strive to achieve. With the development of numerous new technologies, workflow has significantly changed during the last two decades. Wiki software plays a significant role in business data management nowadays, as it provides several important benefits for...
Business Plan
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Your Business Needs a (Nontraditional) Plan

The traditional business plan has created the wrong expectations of a CEO at a small business, and there’s a revolution afoot in the way elite MBA programs and Silicon Valley think about small business strategy and startups. The underlying assumption of the traditional business plan is that that the CEO is all-doing and all-knowing. This...
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9 Brands for Entrepreneurs to Fall In Love with on Pinterest

What is one company or brand every entrepreneur should follow on Pinterest and why? This was the question StartupNation asked of nine successful entrepreneurs. The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world's most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched StartupCollective, a free...
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Secrets to Accelerating Your Business Success

As a business owner, I love being my company’s “evangelist.” I get huge kicks from educating and exciting people about becoming a customer. But frankly, there’s an even more important—though arguably less exhilarating—aspect to closing new business. We call it, the art of follow up.   My feelings about this were confirmed and further fueled...