Sell on QVC : Marketing Your Product Out of the Box

Sell on QVC – wouldn’t every product like to have that chance – you can market your product out of the box on QVC, find out how from an insider.

Quality, Value & Convenience. These are some of the key attributes that make for a successful business. We know of a company that believes so strongly in these three high standards that they named their company after them – QVC. The fact that you also know of QVC is indicative of their popularity – which you might be able to put to work for your product ambitions when you sell on QVC.

We had QVC on our radio show and got an inside peek at how selling on QVC through their cable channel works and what kinds of products sell better than others. We also talked to entrepreneurs who’ve been incredibly successful selling their products on QVC.

If you’re looking for a way to pump up your sales beyond what local retail distribution or online efforts are delivering, you might consider if QVC and the 84 million households they reach would be a fit for you…

Marilyn Montross, Director of QVC Vendor Relations, told us that QVC’s vendor relations department handles 10,000 inquiries per year and 90% of those inquiries come from entrepreneurs. In addition, she told us that approximately 1,600 products go on air each week.

But how do you get your product on so you can sell on QVC?

Criteria and tips to sell on QVC

  • Your product should be demonstrable – something that can be displayed to the viewer in a live television studio.
  • While product uniqueness is appealing, category uniqueness is not! Your project should fit a category that already exists on QVC. QVC is most drawn to products in categories that are proven to sell well.
  • The price point must be at least $20 . Shipping costs are a driving factor here. If your product sells for less than $20, consider bundling it with another product or add value to it in a way that brings the price point up and justifies the shipping and handling costs.
  • Do your market research. In this case, that means watching a lot of QVC! You’ll learn what products and categories QVC is focused on. Most importantly, you’ll be able to figure out whether it’s worth your while or not to focus on QVC as a way for you to drive interest and sales.

If you can justify your time investment using these criteria, then you may be able to make the opportunity to sell on QVC work for your business . You’ll garner greater sales and much greater awareness of your brand and your product. Success stories like SPANX panty hose, which sold 8,000 pairs in just 8 minutes during the product’s first airing (as contrasted with sales before going on QVC of 30,000 pairs over 3 months through department stores), and Sabatino’s Sausage, whose sales have soared from $1 million to $6 million per year through their QVC exposure.

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