How to Score Top Media Placements

Today is definitely going to include a brief celebration on my end. After having stories cut at the last minute due to election results, my client is enjoying the publicity benefits of a mention in the June 16th edition of Newsweek®.

Now, the story is much smaller than expected (after involving many interviews, phone calls, scheduling, etc.), but it still provides credibility that cannot be purchased via advertising methods.

It just goes to show you that by taking the time to conduct the appropriate research and preparing a newsworthy pitch, you can obtain cost-effective publicity results to help your business grow.

How do you get top media placements like this too?

At the most basic level, always keep this one thought in mind:

Think about the reporters’ needs first!

Why will they care about what you have to say?

As an entrepreneur, you are probably excited about your products and services and want to tell reporters all about them. But if they don’t know “what’s in it for them,” you won’t get anywhere with your pitch.

With this in mind, here are three simple steps to help you prepare a newsworthy story idea:

1. Focus on benefits rather than features.

Instead of using technical jargon or describing your products and services in detail, think about the user’s end-results.

  • What will your audience get from using your products and services?
  • How will they feel?
  • How will your business make their lives easier?

By providing a solution to a customer’s problem, you’ll capture more attention.

2. Make a list.

To help you concentrate on the benefits, write down all of the features of your products and services. Then, write a benefit for each feature.

For example, a pencil has an eraser. This is a feature. And one of the benefits of the eraser is that it can help you erase mistakes and start over quickly and easily.

Now, this may be a very simple concept, but it is often forgotten in media relations.

3. Review.

Once you have your list of benefits, figure out which ones are the most unique and exciting. And the next time you read an interesting news item, look for the benefit that caught your eye.

A Final Note

To obtain major media placements, you simply need to give reporters an interesting and unique story. Before you pick up the phone, take the time to develop a good pitch based on the benefits you have to offer.

It takes some time, but it will significantly increase your chances of getting some good press and developing valuable, media relationships!

For help with your PR efforts, feel free to contact me at any time!

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