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How to Manifest Small Business Success in 5 Steps

If you do a web search to learn how to start a business, you’ll notice that most lists include creating a business plan. You’ll get advice on lawyers, funding and marketing, but there is a key part of the plan missing: your mental plan. Do you dream of being the next Zuckerberg or Gates? Write...
SMART goal setting
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SMART Goal Setting for Your Business

New business owners hear it again and again: set goals. Goals provide us with targets to aim for; they codify our aspirations. You can’t achieve something that you haven’t defined. Unfortunately, it’s much easier said than done. It’s simple enough to slap together some goals that you think might be worthwhile, but how effective is...
Tips for starting a business
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5 Tips for Starting a Business

Starting a business can be very difficult, especially since more than 50 percent of UK startups fail within their first year. In our guide to starting a business, we provide a proven method to become a business champion by positioning your company successfully and allowing staff to establish themselves in the industry. Below are five...
Life outside of work
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Life Outside of Work? Confessions of a Non-Relaxer

A few months ago, LinkedIn had a series of articles on My Life Outside of Work and provided some tremendous insights from influencers like Richard Branson, Mary Barra, Maynard Webb, Robert Herjavec, Suze Orman and Janine Allis, to name just a few. I have to say, they were all great reads and waxed poetically about balance, hobbies...
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8 CEOs Who Made Their Fortune Before They Were 30

CEOs making their fortunes before 30! CEOs of big companies are set to earn big bucks, but what about those that managed to make their fortune before even turning 30? This infographic will be enough to inspire any ambitious and young entrepreneurs ready to follow their vision, from following the road to success from the...
Teenage Entrepreneur
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Keshia Ashe gives young girls ManyMentors in STEM

ManyMentors focused on giving opportunities primarily to middle and high school students Keeping young people interested and involved in science and technology is an important focus and one of the major goals of the ManyMentors organization. Co-Founder and CEO Keshia Ashe, 29, from Hampton Virginia, helped start the nonprofit organization because she saw a need...
Grow Your Business
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Sherrie Berry: Revitalizing The Skincare Industry

Changing people's lives by developing skincare products Looking at Sherrie Berry today you’d never know she was the victim of an accidental backyard explosion that burned her face, chest and arm less than a decade ago. The aforementioned experience, combined with her passion for creativity and an experimental cream given to her by an acquaintance...
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How soon will Micromax become the next Samsung? A start-up story

Micromax: Local business gives Sony a run for their money Micromax started off as an IT company in 2000. Headquartered in Gurgaon, it was initially meant to develop embedded platform. By 2008, it started rebranding Chinese handsets and competed with international brands. It was only in 2010 that the company entered the mobile handset business,...
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Zenovia Andrews Helps You ‘MaxOut’ Your Business

Let Zenovia Andrews help you 'maxout' your business potential! Zenovia Andrews knows the business strategies needed to increase income, maximize productivity, and overcome workplace hardships, and she wants to share her methods with other entrepreneurs to turn their distant hopes into plans of action. Andrews, 39, is a business coach, motivational speaker, television personality, and...
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How Getting Sued Helped HireAHelper Grow Its Business

It was 2008 and Mike Glanz, CEO and cofounder of HireAHelper, had just grabbed a quick lunch at the burger chain Carl’s Jr. The entrepreneur and recent college grad was busy growing a company that matched homeowners with moving companies when a man stopped him in the parking lot to deliver a package no business owner...
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Top 7 Things To Do When You Can’t Get Motivated

A few years ago, I had a business partner who simply couldn’t get motivated to make himself get things done. He told me he had the best intentions but simply couldn’t make himself do the things on his to-do list. At the time, I didn’t have much empathy. We were under deadline and I could...
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When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Networking

This has become my new mantra and quite honestly, I wish I would have seen the light a little earlier.  However, as a small business owner swamped with trying to make sales, market the business, oversee the day-to-day operations, and oh yeah- create the product, I just never saw where “having lunch” had a worthy...