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choosing a business partner
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Be Cautious When Choosing a Business Partner

Sometimes the best way to start a successful business is to establish a business partnership. The right partner can bring expertise, new perspectives and networking connections that help your business get off the ground. In contrast, when you jump into a business partnership without properly vetting your partner, it could spell disaster for your company....
press kit
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How to Build a Press Kit for Your Startup

If you’re interested in garnering visibility for your business now, or in the future, you’ll want a press kit. Alternatively referred to as a media kit, press kits can be one of the most valuable resources that you invest time and money into, as they consist of elements that you will use over and over...
startup lessons learned
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4 Startup Lessons This Entrepreneur Learned From Playing Semi-Pro Volleyball

As a startup co-founder, I’m constantly looking for lessons that will help me be a better leader, partner and innovator. Sometimes those lessons come from surprising places. I’ve been playing semi-professional volleyball with my co-founder at Routefusion, Richard Scappaticci, for three years. It’s a great way to blow off steam after a day of programming...
startup fail
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4 Common Reasons Why Startups Fail (and How to Overcome These Obstacles)

Most startups fail—up to 90% in 2019—and unfortunately, more often than not, the founders themselves are responsible. Financial reasons are often cited as one of the most common factors for startup failures, and these are, of course, hugely important. I have also found, however, that there are often more personal reasons why startups fail. These...
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4 Tips for a Successful Startup Partnership

So, you’ve got a bright idea for a business and you’re ready to get started. You’re buzzing with excitement and you’ve started planning everything from branding and marketing through to sales and distribution. However, when push comes to shove, it may be more difficult to get started than you expected. While starting a new business...
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How to Minimize Risk and Grow Your Business Responsibly

Being a business owner is one of the hardest, most stressful jobs, and every decision can feel like it’s “make it or break it” for the chance at success. The goal of nearly every startup is to expand its business to serve more people. The question, however, is what expansion strategy to pursue. Whether you’re...
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7 Tips for Running a Business with a Family Member

Many people cannot imagine working or partnering with a family member. The idea of negotiating and communicating with familial ties each day is simply too stressful for some. However, many businesses around the world contain married couples, siblings or other familial relationships. Especially in a world full of startups, in which entrepreneurs want to hire someone they...
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How Partnerships Can Elevate Your Startup’s Brand

When your brand is in the startup phase, one of the biggest challenges is growing your audience, let alone doing so cost-effectively. Traditional paid channels like social media and marketing campaigns require significant purse strings, and the ROI is far from guaranteed. But through partnerships, two brands can come together to grow their audiences in...
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The Keys That Separate Thriving Businesses From Those That Fail

Nobody ever said that starting a business was easy. It’s not. Starting a business, then growing it and keeping it vital so everyone involved thrives – that is what organizational effectiveness looks like. I think that’s what most of us are looking for when we start a business. What separates thriving businesses from those that...
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4 Tips for Managing Co-Founder Conflict Like a Boss

Startup failure can stem from a multitude of causes, such as negative cash flow, failure to conduct market analysis or expanding too quickly. But did you know that the majority of businesses with two or more founders fail because of co-founder conflict? According to one study, 65 percent of promising startups fail because of clashing co-founders. If you...
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8 Proven Networking Strategies of Successful Entrepreneurs

Traditional networking is mostly ineffective. We’re either time poor and don’t know where to find quality connections, or we leave a networking event with a stack of business cards but no solid relationships. Here are eight unconventional strategies to nurture a powerful network. 1. Do the work No magic fairy will wave her wand and give...
growth hacking
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4 Growth Hacking Tactics to Boost Your Startup’s Sales

Growth hacking is the process of experimenting across the marketing funnel to improve sales. The key word is “experimenting.” In order to be a successful growth hacker, you must adopt an experimenter’s mentality and adhere to the following principles: Nothing is set in stone Design and test all your ideas Measure results If results are...
dream teams
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Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart

In the early days of a startup’s journey, partnerships are often crucial. Teaming up with companies that have what you don’t yet—credibility and customers—can be one of the best ways to get your company on the map. Later on in the journey, acquiring other companies—or being acquired yourself—is often the thing that we want to...
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What to Consider When Choosing an Accelerator for Your Startup

If you’re a startup founder, everyone is likely telling you how much your business would benefit if you participate in an accelerator. In startup communities, stories about businesses that skyrocketed to success after getting involved with the right accelerator are traded more frequently than potty training tips between parents waiting to pick their kids up...
Business entity
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Learning the Ins and Outs of Business Entity Formation

Throughout my career, I have received many questions around business entity formation. There are many different types of business entities, including partnerships, professional organizations, sole proprietorships, corporations and limited liability companies. I have often noticed a misconception of how and where entities are formed, so let’s take a few minutes to learn the ins and...
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10 Tips to Grow a Startup Without Breaking the Bank

Having a ground-breaking business idea is a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey, but it’s only the first step. To thrive in today’s market, you also need to know how to grow a startup business into an established company. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in growing a business from startup to a...
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Partner: Beat The Economy Together

I wonder if products have the same experience people do, that when they meet their match, they feel like they are "home?" I'll bet the product manager of this doosey has earned his bonus: Hillshire Farm ham and turkey + reusable Gladware = Green, Money Saving, The-Big-Corporation-Proves-It-Can-Still-Listen-To-Customers   What partnerships could you consider in your business?...
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Change of Scenery

I spent last week in Boston, Annapolis, and Washington, DC. While I dreaded spending an entire week out of the office -- and not on vacation -- it turns out it was time very well spent. Among other activities, I went to OnDemand, a major industry trade show. It was fascinating, and I met many...