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How to Optimize Your Email Campaigns with Artificial Intelligence

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Say goodbye to mass, impersonal email campaigns – they no longer work. What does this mean for startups and entrepreneurs? The only way to achieve high conversion rates is by keeping up with artificial intelligence (AI) trends. Upgrade your email marketing campaigns, or you’ll find your messaging goes straight to spam.

Imagine a snowy winter day in your area. Suddenly, you receive an email inviting you to test drive a new convertible. With one click, you send the message to trash. You’d rather receive a promo code for a tire check, right?

AI-based tools help to avoid such mismatches in email campaign distribution. Now, even the novice entrepreneur can launch successful email campaigns, moving customers across the sales funnel faster and more efficiently.

Let’s review how artificial intelligence improves email marketing


Launching only custom email campaigns will incur a sky-high budget and hours invested in segmenting your customer list on behalf of your marketing team.

The average entrepreneur often doesn’t have the time or resources to delve deep into this process.

That is when you face a double-edged sword. In order to save time and money, you forgo these tasks, depleting the email open rate and loss of potential customers. That’s when AI-based tools come into play.

An AI neural network, modeled on the human brain, thinly slices audience based on a detailed data analysis, including: 

  • Demographic characteristics
  • Interests in relation to product categories
  • Interaction history
  • Price sensitivity

Amongst other parameters.

After that, the AI neural network selects the best individual offer for each of your specific customers. This way, your subscribers receive an email that is highly personalized and relevant to their unique interests or pain points. 

Tip: Emails handled by AI-based tools are delivered directly to a subscriber’s inbox because custom-tailored messages are less likely to trigger a “spam alert.”


Whether or not your email is engaging determines the recipient’s next actions. Layout, image selection and text optimization all play an important part.

Choosing the optimal email layout is often a time-intensive task, and is the hardest aspect to get right. AI-based software, with its insights drawn from site behavior, takes care of this with minimal human input.

Tip: Emails are getting technically elaborate with HTML5 videos and interactive content. Start using AI-driven solutions to produce emails that your customers won’t be able to resist reading to the end.

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Let’s review a simple example. If you’ve already launched email marketing campaigns, you are familiar with how much time it takes to A/B test the best subject lines, and then analyze which one performed the best.

That’s often when entrepreneurs feel an overwhelming desire to delegate the campaign launch to a professional email marketer, but there’s no need to waste money on human resources. While you focus on day-to-day business activities, AI-based A/B testing optimizes subject lines based on data research (specifically, on which list segment the email is being sent to). 

Tip: Three out of five retail and e-commerce companies plan to start using AI marketing tools within the next 12 months. By getting in on the AI trend now, you get an instant advantage over your competitors.

Thanks to AI-driven software, email marketing is now faster and smarter, but still has a human touch. One of the proven tools to use is Triggmine, an email marketing service designed for e-commerce.

This SaaS solution was already integrated into major e-commerce platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and CS-Cart. Now, the company plans to upgrade its product with AI neural network and Smart Contract guarantees.

Triggmine’s Token Sale is launching soon. Check out our company’s white paper to get more information on the unique mix of artificial intelligence and best practices in marketing, which will surely shape the field of email marketing in future years.

Content sponsored by Triggmine.

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