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6 Simple Hacks for Building Loyal, Long-Term Clients

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, that much is obvious. But what many companies (both big and small) fail to realize is that they could be much healthier in the long run if they built a base of loyal, long-term clients, rather than constantly trying to chase down new customers. Research shows that it...
remote workforce
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Want Happier Customers? A Remote Workforce Could Be the Answer

Working remotely became a way of life in 2020. It went from a privilege that some had to a necessity for large swathes of the workforce. Research shows that more than half of the American workforce moved to remote work over the past year. But what now? As the world inches toward a form of...
year of the customer
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It’s Not Too Late to Make This the Year of the Customer

This is a story about the importance of amazing customer service. Sometimes, entrepreneurs can get too caught up in the day-to-day problems and trying to make money that they forget there are actual humans purchasing their products and services. Recently, I bought a small gift for my daughter that ended up deteriorating within a few...
subscription-based business
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3 Tips for Building a Successful Subscription-Based Business

The way consumers buy goods and services is changing. Have a look at your bank statement over the last several months, and I’ll bet there are more than a few recurring charges for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify or Zoom. Consumers used to buy one-off products or services but are now increasingly subscribing to receive them...
content marketing
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5 Content Marketing Myths Limiting Your Startup’s Growth

Most entrepreneurs understand why content marketing is important, but when it comes to explaining what it is and how to utilize it to grow their business, many don’t know where to begin. While there are a lot of common myths surrounding content marketing, at its most basic level, it is about using content strategically to...
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Why Your Startup Should Make Transparency a Priority

Transparency is an essential component of any successful business relationship. According to a survey by Label Insight, 94 percent of consumers surveyed are likely to be loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. And of those surveyed, almost 75 percent of consumers say they would pay more for a product when the company offers...
branding checklist
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A 6 Step Checklist for Your Mobile App Branding

As of Q1 2020, there were 2.56 million apps in Google Play and 1.85 million in the App Store, so startup apps are faced with significant competition. With such a large number of apps flooding the market, you need to find ways to make yours stand out. A powerful brand can help you differentiate your app from...
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6 Things All Entrepreneurs Should Do in November

With fall in full swing, most entrepreneurs’ thoughts turn to the essential work that comes alongside the changing seasons. This means closing out the year on a high note, getting geared up for the holiday crunch and making sure that everyone on staff makes it through the end of the year in one piece. Not...
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This Brand Loyalty Consultant Shares How to Build a Business Everyone Will Love

Kyle M.K. is a brand loyalty consultant who’s worked with major brands, including Uber, General Assembly, Walt Disney World Resort and the Ritz-Carlton. His book, “The Economics of Emotion: How to Build a Business Everyone Will Love,” was published earlier this year, which explores how consumers’ emotions impact their decisions, and how company leaders can...
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Build an Irresistible Brand by Connecting with Your Audience

A veteran of marketing, public relations, branding and creative direction, SheBrand founder, Liz Dennery Sanders, has helped some of the world’s most iconic brands tell their stories. Recognizing that not everyone can afford her services, Sanders recently published a book called “Style & Substance: How to Create a Compelling Brand: A Guide to Women Who Want to...
super bowl
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What Can a Startup Learn From the Super Bowl?

With Super Bowl LIII in the books, here is what we know for sure: The Patriots are world champions, and the robot uprising is inevitable. The Super Bowl remains the biggest stage for brands. Heavy hitters make their loudest statements with the hopes that social media will light up, leading to a discussion that goes...
brand loyalty
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Create Brand Loyalty and Acquire Lifetime Customers in 3 Steps

Building a high level of customer participation into your brand’s DNA will reap long-term rewards. There is no better time to think about how you want to set your company up for successful brand-customer relationships than when you are in the business creation mode. But before diving into how to develop brand participation, let’s first...
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How to Start a Loyalty Program in 5 Easy Steps

One of the best ways to grow your startup business it to create a loyalty program. Rewards programs remain one of the most efficient methods for startups to reward existing customers and keep them coming back. This is especially important since gaining a new customer costs between 5 and 25 times more than keeping an...
marketing millennials
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8 Best Practices for Marketing to Millennials

Have you ever wondered why marketers are so obsessed with millennials? It turns out that there are a few reasons: For one thing, there are a lot of millennials. According to this study, there are more millennials than baby boomers and three times as many as there are Gen Xers By 2020, the spending power of millennials...
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The Power of a Can-Do Attitude: Why Smart CEOs Always Say Yes

If you want to disrupt your industry, you need to adopt a mentality that distinguishes you from other leaders. When everyone else is saying no, you should always say yes. “Yes” seems like an innocuous word, but it’s one that many entrepreneurs and CEOs are so reluctant to say. “Yes” is a verbal agreement; one...
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Get Potential Customers to Engage With Your Startup Using What You Already Have

Finding potential customers to engage with is a major challenge, especially when your startup is still in its early days. Locating your target market, getting them interested and then turning them into customers rather than prospects is a difficult, but essential, task. Use what you already have (experience, connections and a great product or service)...
email marketing
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The Best Types of Content to Include in Your Email Marketing Campaign

There are many ways for startups to spend their limited marketing budgets. You want to reach your target audience, convert prospects into customers and keep your clients returning for more. If you want to make the most out of your marketing budget, you need to choose strategies that are proven to be effective, and email...
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The Marketing Tactic to Win Over Millennial Consumers

People are often surprised to hear that millennials are using coupons at a faster clip rate than older generations. If your brand wants to tap into the massive buying power of the millennial generation, you need to think about how to use discounts to lure them your way. Keep reading for creative ways to market...
Sustainable business
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Sustainable Business: Why Your Startup Should Go Green

When it comes to starting a business, many entrepreneurs will concede that success is customer-centric. As the world around us becomes more eco-friendly, in turn, many of us expect the businesses we frequent to have some degree of green credulity, in the form of sustainable business practices. Research shows us that this trend is on the rise:...