LOL! Oh, Really?

21 Aug 2007
Since I set up my home office, I still like to e-mail my former cubicle inmates, most of whom are pretending to be working. I confess: I miss a little...
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Wearing Many Hats in Your 50+ Business without Losing Your Head

16 Aug 2007
Jack of all trades, wearer of many hats, and many different shoes, too - these catch phrases are a reality when it comes to running your own business.Here's a short list of the tasks you'll have to master as master of your domain in business. It'll make you relish the day when you can start delegating.

Business Coaches: Making a Smart Choice

If your business is everything you ever dreamed it would be, read no further. If, on the other hand, your growth is stalled, you keep having unexpected setbacks, or you'd simply like to enjoy your day-to-day work more, maybe dialing up a business coach is a smart idea.