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Brett Farmiloe is CEO of the digital marketing company, Markitors, and founder of the knowledge platform, Terkel.
business basics
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Business Basics To Perfect: 12 Entrepreneurs Weigh-In

What is one business basic every entrepreneur should perfect when looking to start a business? To help you master the business basics, we asked business leaders and entrepreneurs for their best insights. From delivering the right pitch to upskilling when necessary, there are several business basics to perfect when looking to start a business. Here...
e-commerce fraud
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8 E-Commerce Fraud Prevention Tips for Small Businesses

What is one thing a small business can do during the holiday season to prevent fraud on their e-commerce site?  To help you avoid fraud on your e-commerce site, we asked online business owners and professionals for their insights. From using reputable e-commerce platforms to investing in fraud protection, there are several things you can...
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These Are the Personality Traits of Extraordinary Leaders

We see endless professional development workshops promising to transform aspiring entrepreneurs into visionary leaders, yet there also seems to be an elite class who naturally make it to the top. Just being in a position of power, however, doesn’t necessarily mean an individual is a good leader. A true entrepreneurial leader has a disposition to...
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How to Survive the Ups and Downs of Entrepreneurship

In the years of being the CEO of my company, I have certainly faced my fair share of ups and downs. Before my digital marketing agency was operating in a renovated penthouse with 12 employees, it was just me working out of my best friend’s mother’s living room. I have come a long way over...
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Leverage LinkedIn for Marketing Your Startup in 5 Steps

If you’re an entrepreneur and have been ignoring your company’s LinkedIn profile, or worse, don’t have a LinkedIn presence, you’re missing out on a goldmine of opportunity. One of the deadly startup sins is ignoring free marketing tools, especially when those tools have the power to deliver genuine leads and sales. Every social media channel...