How Kaleidoscope Hair Products Reaches New Heights

Kaleidoscope Hair Products is a prime example of what happens when a great invention is set loose on the internet. In 2013, Jesseca Dupart invested her life savings to develop a hair product that would stand out from the competition. Her creation is a full hair care line, with products that restore hair follicles and work on any hair type.

“Whether someone has thinning hair, a bad weave, a chemical burn, or anything like that,” Jesseca explains, “Kaleidoscope products can rejuvenate hair growth again.” Since their launch in 2014, the business “has grown in ways I never, ever could have predicted,” Jesseca describes. “We went from selling no products to having a full warehouse, exponential growth, and distributors all around the world.”

“It would have been impossible to reach the heights that I’ve reached without the Internet, without Google.”

Jesseca Dupart, owner and CEO

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Before launching her website, Jesseca had been operating out of her hair salon, but “there’s only so much you can do in a day,” she says. “With e-commerce, there’s no limit.” Leveraging digital marketing tools like AdWords, Google’s advertising program, and Google Shopping campaigns to advertise on Google Search and YouTube, Kaleidoscope shows no signs of slowing down. “Within six months, I was selling overseas, and I’ve never even been overseas. With the Internet and Google tools, you can now touch so many more people. It’s opened so many doors.” Today, 90 percent of Kaleidoscope’s marketing budget is dedicated to digital. Jesseca relies on Google Analytics to maximize the effectiveness of her website, improve customers’ online experience, and “get the most out of that investment.”

Kaleidoscope Hair Products has seven employees.

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In 2016, Kaleidoscope reached over 43,000 customers and doubled their revenue from the previous year. Jesseca attributes much of that success to both her strong digital presence and unique brand strategy, which uses comedy and lightheartedness to uplift her audience. “When people struggle with hair loss, it’s not a funny thing, but I try to bring fun to it, make it more commonly talked about instead of something to be ashamed of.” Inspiring people to be true to who they are is Jesseca’s favorite aspect of Kaleidoscope, and she hopes that future growth will mean getting to share that with even more people. “I would love to have a business that’s substantial enough to employ more people, maybe send a group of children to college, and give inspiration to others. I always say that if I could do it, anybody could do it.”

For more information on the Kaleidoscope Hair Products case study, visit https://economicimpact.google.com.

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