Majestic Heli Ski

Learn How Majestic Heli Ski Uses YouTube and Video Ads to Grow its Business [VIDEO]

About Majestic Heli Ski

I was a professional ski guide before changing careers to fly helicopters in the U.S. Army. When I got out, I was really only qualified for three things: ski guiding, flying helicopters and drinking beer. So starting this company just made sense. We offer helicopter skiing in remote areas of Alaska – untracked powder, big mountains and luxury lodging – for an unmatched ski vacation. Building a customer base was our main challenge.

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What we did

Video ads were simply the best way to show this experience. And video ad targeting helped us zero in on the people we needed to reach – from the age range of our typical customers to areas of the country where skiing is popular. We also focused on people who are searching online for ski resorts or certain types of skis. It’s all very targeted – about 50 percent of our new customers now find us through YouTube.

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