Nehemiah Manufacturing

Nehemiah Manufacturing Boosts Productivity with Google Apps for Work

When they founded Nehemiah Manufacturing in 2009, Dan Meyer and Richard Palmer planned a different kind of enterprise. “We wanted to bring manufacturing into our inner city and create jobs that help people get back on their feet,” Richard says. Nehemiah specializes in manufacturing consumer packaged goods, including their own products as well as brands licensed from other companies. When hiring they particularly focus on hard-to-hire candidates that most companies wouldn’t consider. They may have no work history, or a blemished record due to a criminal record, but part of the Nehemiah mission is to give a second chance to people who just need the opportunity to prove themselves.

“Online advertising is the great equalizer.”

Richard Palmer, President

To compete successfully with their much larger competitors, Nehemiah Manufacturing does most of their marketing online. AdWords, Google’s advertising program, allows them to share their message with consumers nationwide. TrueView video ads have been instrumental in reaching and educating their target audience. Running TrueView ads to support their “Boogie Wipes” product resulted in 10 percent sales growth, while many competitors saw a 10 to 20 percent decrease in sales during that same period due to a mild cold and flu season. Google Analytics helps them fine-tune their strategy. “Analytics has helped us be a lot smarter with our broader marketing plans, because it’s helped us better understand our target demographic,” Richard says. The Google Apps for Work suite of tools, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs, keeps Nehemiah’s staff in touch and productive. “We can collaborate even if we aren’t sitting in the same office or the same city.”

Nehemiah Manufacturing Company has 110 employees.

From five employees at the start, Nehemiah has grown to a staff of 110. “We have an incredibly loyal, unbelievably productive workforce,” he says. “When folks come here, they’re ready to work. They give it their all. They love being part of a team.” Employee turnover in some manufacturing plants averages 80 percent, but Nehemiah’s is less than a fifth of that. “Everybody struggles with finding talent,” Richard says. “This is a workforce that in our country typically has been shunned or ignored. But it’s one that people should seriously consider.” Dan and Richard hope to double the company’s growth in the next few years. And they will continue to use Google as a partner to achieve that goal. “We can compete with much larger, multi-billion dollar companies by using these tools. Google enables a company our size to seem, and actually be, a lot bigger than we are.”

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