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Google Products Key to the Success of Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress began in 2011 as an online retailer planning to break into the traditional mattress market. “We really saw an opportunity to be an innovator in a marketplace that we felt was stagnant and difficult for consumers to navigate,” says Ricky Joshi, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. The dynamic company has continually experimented and rolled out new products and now has an extensive network of 17 factories and 117 fulfillment centers across the country. “It was a daunting task,” Ricky says. “Luckily, we have a great team with a lot of operational logistics expertise, combined with a pretty sophisticated marketing team.”

“Google provides the tools to make strategic decisions, as well as to track the success of those decisions very efficiently.”

Ricky Joshi, Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

AdWords, Google’s advertising program, has been key to their marketing strategy since the very beginning. “We’re a very data-driven company. We really like to monitor everything,” Ricky says. “Google provides the tools to make strategic decisions, as well as to track the success of those decisions very efficiently.” Insights gained from Google Analytics have been especially useful. “With Google Analytics we learn a lot about our customers and how they interact with our site,” says Krista Deshayes, Director of Marketing. For example, when they saw the ever-increasing amount of traffic coming from mobile, they created a mobile-optimized site and today they see that site visitors are both researching and converting on mobile. Ensuring that Saatva’s online presence is as accessible as possible is critical to their growth.

Saatva Mattress has 100+ employees.

From just a handful of employees at the start, Saatva Mattress now has over 100 employees between their two offices in the tri-state area and Austin, as well as hundreds of contractors across the country. They’ve relied on Google Apps for Work to keep everyone connected and to make collaboration easy, which is particularly important for a company that is growing fast—sales have increased as much as 300% annually. “We see us carrying that forward with new product lines, and continuing to grow at a nice clip,” Ricky says. “Google will definitely be part of our destiny wherever we go.” Meanwhile, he’s proud that Saatva continues to create “real manufacturing jobs in the United States. It’s great to be able to build and produce a product here at home.”

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