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Sooner Marketing Solutions Leverages Many Google Tools to Help Clients

Braedon Kruse founded Sooner Marketing Solutions in 2012 to assist owners of small and medium sized businesses with finding success and customers online. “We help frustrated business owners to expand and grow their companies, find better branding, and gain more awareness,” Braedon says. Their customers range from a window-tinting business and automotive repair companies, and consultants. They may need anything from a website upgrade to full digital services. “We want them to see our company as an all-around marketing department to devise creative solutions,” adds Justin Hernandez, Chief Operating Officer.

“We recently had someone find us online, and it was our biggest project ever.”

Braedon Kruse, CEO

“We see a lot of great, awesome businesses start up and then fall through the cracks because nobody knows about them,” Braedon says. Sooner Marketing Solutions uses a wide variety of digital tools to help prevent that, particularly AdWords, Google’s advertising program, and Google Search Console. “By creating a well-performing AdWords campaign, we help our customers reach their sales goals in a very efficient timeframe,” Justin explains. Google Analytics helps Sooner track and improve the effectiveness of their clients’ websites, as well as their own. Google Trends keeps them abreast of what people are searching for online and Search Console helps them optimize their clients’ sites for maximum visibility. According to Braedon, “We’re always engaged with what Google is doing, so that we can not only adjust our own marketing, but also our clients’.”

Sooner Marketing Solutions has 10 employees.

Sooner Marketing Solutions now has 10 employees who annually serve 70 to 90 regional customers across Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. The company routinely sees quarterly growth more than double, year-over-year. Their clients often report very strong growth themselves, thanks in part to their work with Sooner Marketing Solutions. “I was told I was crazy for saying that I wanted to triple our gross sales this year,” Braedon says. “But I believe it’s going to happen. And every time we increase our sales, I think about all of our clients’ businesses, and how we’re helping them increase their sales, too. When our clients grow, we grow with them.”

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