Information and Cybersecurity: A Dell White Paper

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Technology has important effects on business operations. But with it comes the threat of cyberattacks and the need for cybersecurity measures.

With the onset of digital economy, technology has both positive and negative impact on organizations. Though the unprecedent growth of the internet has created a global economy, unlimited access to information, connecting people and online everything, it has its own set of problems, such as a significant growth of cyberattacks with often disastrous consequences, and the attacks are evolving each day.

While security solutions aim to prevent these cyberattacks, the compute platforms on which these solutions are hosted have to be robust with protection at every layer, from the hardware, firmware, hypervisor layer, virtual machines, operating systems, and the applications and their data.

Why information security?

Information security and cybersecurity, though often interchangeably used, address different scenarios even though both terms have to do with protecting data in general and data from outside sources, such as cyberspace, respectively.

In our report “Information and Cybersecurity — Dell EMC and VMware: A Platform of Choice for Security Solutions,” we underscore the importance and need for better defenses against cybercrimes. Information security is crucial for organizations of any size whether deployed on-premise or on the cloud.

Threat landscape and threat modeling

Security threat landscape is a collection of security threats such as identity theft, theft of intellectual property, information extortion, viruses, worms, etc. Security threat landscape has grown over the past couple of years and is continuing to evolve capriciously, which has been challenging for organizations to comprehend, manage and forecast.

Threat modeling is a way to optimize information security by identifying objectives and vulnerabilities and informing security strategy.


Developing an information security strategy requires selecting defensive and preventive activities from a large set of possible actions and information security being a complex subject, requires knowledge and expertise from multiple disciplines and not only from information technology. Cyber threats succeed because they exploit conditioned human behaviors and social patterns, not just technological vulnerabilities.

Download Dell’s white paper to learn more about the information security solutions available today that help solve different business security issues.

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