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Over the past two decades, outsourcing has become one of the hottest trends in business, as it relates to human resources and the accomplishment of certain business functions. Offshore outsourcing, however, is becoming increasingly popular due to the main drivers of significant cost savings and access to skills and expertise.

MicroSourcing is the outsourcing provider of choice for many small and medium businesses. With unique solutions like direct control over your team and transparent pricing, MicroSourcing is the perfect middle ground for businesses that want expand and grow without additional investments.

Outsourcing vs. offshoring

Let’s identify the main difference between outsourcing and offshoring. Both of these practices involve having in-house jobs or functions performed by a third-party, which specializes in the specific functions, while offshoring always involves having those job processes performed overseas. These two terms are often used as synonyms, but the main technical distinction about offshoring is that the outsourced jobs are done outside the country.

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Advantages of offshoring

  • Cost savings: by offshoring a significant portion of your workload, you should be able to reduce operational expenses by at least 50 percent, and possibly as much as 80 percent. The savings realized on operational expenses can be reinvested in on-shore initiatives to improve your core processes, and to initiate better sales and marketing campaigns. Since you don’t have to worry about the back-end processes, your attention can stay focused on gaining more clients and increasing sales.
  • No upfront investment: when a business grows its capital, it is often used up by investments in office space, systems and other infrastructure. Offshoring enables a business to grow its capacity without eating up all of its cash reserves or going into debt. This lowers the risk to your company and reduces your exposure if there happens to be an unexpected downturn in the business or the marketplace in general.
  • Greater level of efficiency: Increases in efficiency occur when the provider is able to scale operations up and down more efficiently allowing the business to grow by focusing on its core processes.
  • Expertise: a provider may also have expertise and know-how that enables work to be executed more efficiently.

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Unique MicroSourcing advantages

  • Control over your team: when you set up an offshore team, you maintain direct control over the team’s activities and the business model can be considered an extension of your company’s own office, albeit in a different physical location. In typical outsourcing arrangements, there would be a complete loss of control.
  • Hand-picked team: your team members are hired exclusively for you and your specific needs. They will work for you exclusively as part of your existing staff even though they are employed by MicroSourcing.
  • Transparency of cost model: few providers provide a clear and transparent cost model. All salaries are openly shared with the client.

At MicroSourcing, we provide solutions for businesses to grow without additional investment and having their dedicated team that supports this growth. Visit MicroSourcing and let us show you how we can help your business grow.

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