Detroit Startup Week feat. Monica Wheat and Ashok Sivanand

Detroit Startup Week feat. Monica Wheat and Ashok Sivanand

This episode of StartupNation Radio is sponsored by DBusiness, Siren PR and Dell Small Business

This episode of StartupNation Radio was recorded at Detroit Startup Week. At the event, we livestreamed 16 interviews within two days from the Lear Innovation Center, sitting down with renowned entrepreneurs, passionate thought leaders and innovators, all of whom have a keen entrepreneurial grit and a passion for the city of Detroit.

On this episode, Jeff is joined by DBusiness editor, R.J. King, in the co-hosting seat. Together, the two interview Monica Wheat and Ashok Sivanand.

Monica Wheat is managing director at Venture Catalysts, a venture and ecosystem development group, and lead of Backstage Capital’s Accelerator, a three-month program designed to give founders the support they need to reach their next critical milestone.

monica wheat

During the interview, Monica discusses:

  • Her background as a corporate engineer overseas and how that role led her to where she is now
  • Her nonprofit, Digerati Girls, that teaches kids in Detroit to code
  • The philanthropic side of Monica’s projects
  • How Monica measures success in her own life
  • Her predictions for what the region will look like 5 or 10 years from now
  • Monica’s involvement as lead of Detroit Startup Week

For more information on Venture Catalysts, visit the official website; for more on Backstage Capital, visit the official website and keep up-to-date with the latest on Twitter.

Ashok Sivanand is co-founder and CEO of, a software product development consultant company. Integral focuses on enabling its clients in the automative, transportation and mobility industries through its disciplined product and software engineering practices in order to innovate and bring software products to market.

ashok sivanand

During the show, Ashok talks about

  • How his six-month engagement from Toronto to Detroit three years ago became permanent
  • The startup ecosystem of Detroit
  • The importance of Detroit Startup Week and how the event gives back to the community
  • Examples of projects he’s working on within each of the automotive, transportation and mobility spaces
  • Why he would like to see more mobility in the Motor City
  • Project management tips for entrepreneurs

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