How Monitors Deepen Your Employee Experience And Boost Results

In this ever-changing world, and through the rise of remote working, a good employee experience (EX) can come from many places. But
Forrester’s research shows that the hallmark of a good employee experience is always the same — it empowers, enables, and inspires
employees. Organizational awareness on the importance of EX in driving business results is growing. Companies are realizing that as the
custodians of an organization’s customer experience (CX), employees have the power to make or break an organization’s CX day-to-day.

In October 2019, Dell Technologies commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore the role of desktop and meeting room monitors in the workplace environment in creating a positive employee experience. Forrester conducted three surveys and 10 interviews to explore this topic.

In conducting this research, we found that the quality of the employee experience is fundamentally linked to the quality of the workplace environment, in either the traditional office space or at home. Indeed, companies undertaking workplace improvement initiatives are reporting stronger EX and business results in the form of either cost savings and/ or increased revenue. On a deeper level, we analyzed the role played by technology and monitors, uncovering the specific monitor features that enhance the employee experience and how.

“Organizations are looking at designing workspaces that support the new workforce, unlock productivity, and make people feel good,” Karen Giunta, consultant, workplace interior design company, says.

Key findings

  • Improving CX remains a key focus for organizations.
  • Enabling employees to deliver great CX is a growing priority, and it yields business results.
  • Monitors play a key role in creating an optimal workplace environment.
  • Monitors are critical to making employees feel more productive, collaborative and connected to their organization.

Learn more in this Dell white paper:

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