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Interactive Monitors and the Building Blocks for Meeting Rooms

The meeting room of the future includes redesigned workplaces, new technologies, and continued or new support for collaboration between local and remote employees.

Developing a collaborative, agile workforce is the single most important concern to many employers these days, because it’s a means of ensuring organizational health and competitiveness. As they face the challenges presented by recent worldwide business disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers nonetheless now are wrestling with how to prepare for a new, more flexible work model in terms of where and how employees work.

Enabling remote work for the millions of workers who are working from home has taken priority, and most companies have succeeded while keeping their core IT systems up and running.  Meeting rooms will be as important as ever – what’s changing is how they need to support remote employees even more than before.

This paper reports on the importance of collaborative technologies, the challenges those who use meeting room technologies today face and how to address those, the building blocks for meeting rooms,

Employers seeking to keep their employees engaged have one big lever: the tools they give them to team and work together. They are discovering that collaborative technologies, either those in meeting rooms or delivered via PCs and other personal devices, can elevate employee engagement.

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Investing in your meeting rooms makes sense because when the new normal comes, most IT decision makers believe their use of video-conferencing-enabled meeting rooms will increase. Essential workers who go into the office will be wanting to interact with those still able or needing to work from home.

Though meeting room technologies have improved vastly in the past few years, face it: some organizations may be challenged to deploy in a way that keeps end users happy and coming back for more. Some of this has to do with the use of legacy technologies or the need for upgraded infrastructure; some with the need for training on new, sizzling hot tech; and some based on generational expectations.

Though meeting room technologies have improved dramatically in the past five years, the biggest issues faced by end users have to do with the audiovisual experience and how to effectively use tools and content. Learn how to improve collaboration and employee satisfaction and keep up with technology in this report sponsored by Dell and Wainhouse.

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