Gumtree Australia Celebrates 10 Years With Rebrand

Gumtree Australia has marked its 10th anniversary in Australia, with the unveiling of a brand new logo and website.

Last year, Gumtree rolled out a new website and logo across its European and African markets. The rebrand coincided with an online, print and television advertising campaign centered on the tagline, “This is Gumtree. Australia’s local marketplace.”

“As with all changes we make at Gumtree, the rebrand has been driven by user feedback. While we knew our users were ready for a sleeker and more contemporary design, a rebrand has to be more than a new lick of paint. We wanted to ensure we addressed some of the areas our users, and non-users, said could improve their experience on our site and in our community,” James Walmsley, senior marketing manager of Gumtree Australia, said.

Australian X Factor host, Jason Dundas, has been hired by the online marketplace to front a six-part road trip series called “Buyers of Gumtree.” Stories will be posted on Gumtree’s YouTube and social media channels. 

So what’s changed?

The new star of the show is the fresh new logo, created by the UK-branding agency, Koto.

The previous logo design has been replaced a by a simpler look, one that’s more in-line with a modern-day, online company.

“All the positive natural connotations of growth, stability and diversity whilst making [Gumtree] an instantly recognizable icon,” James Greenfield, Koto Manager, said of the new logo.

Along with the logo, Koto introduced a new wordmark and color palette that were designed to help the logo pop when viewed on any sized screen.

It’s not just a physical makeover that the site has undergone, either. Improved search functionality, speed and a new option to pay via PayPal are now offered to customers.

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How is the Gumtree Australia rebrand being received by consumers?

Gumtree is the most popular online shopping app in Australia in terms of downloads. The U.K. version of the website has over 14 million unique visitors per month. It’s little surprise that the new rebrand has drawn quite the reaction across social media.

With such a big change, feedback has understandably been mixed. Some online commentators, in particular designers, were quick to praise the sleek new look. Others felt the company had played it too safe.

The new logo received particular criticism for its similarity to other established brands. Some critics felt that it no longer looked like an actual gum tree. Several people felt it was similar to a four leafed clover.

Online reviews of the rebrand from marketing agencies and design websites were much more favorable. Creative Review said of the new logo, “A much needed” improvement, while It-Starts stated that they loved the website’s new color palette.

What do you think?

Is Gumtree’s new logo a touch on the boring side? Or has its minimalistic design grown on you? Either way, let us know in the comments below.

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