Thought for a Bad Day

25 Mar 2015
Thought for a Bad Day Today’s Quote: “There are people who would love to have your bad days.” —Author Unknown Thought for a bad day: A few weeks ago I...
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7 Things You Won’t Hear Successful People Say

15 Oct 2014
It's easy to get "stuck" and say the first thing that comes to your mind when asked to do something. These 7 things that successful people never say includes how you can turn those phrases around for a more positive and impactful answer, comment or thought.

Entrepreneurs have “Attitude”

04 May 2007
At StartupNation we see thousands of entrepreneurs. You come in all shapes and sizes. Different ages and hair color. We’ve done radio shows that talk about entrepreneurial characteristics, and articles...
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Hire the ones who smile

27 Jun 2005
Whenever you need to add a new person to your team, make the decision easy on yourself: just hire the ones who smile. Smiling is awesome. The act of smiling...
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