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The Great Content Battle: Search Engine Optimization vs. Creativity

Entrepreneurs wear multiple hats, which means failing to take on critical responsibilities could land you in hot water. Are you in charge of marketing your startup? If so, are you part of the 55 percent of marketers whose top marketing priority is content creation? Your startup's blog won't do anything but take up your valuable...
ux design
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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About E-Commerce UX Design

User experience (UX) design is important for every website, but it’s especially critical for e-commerce sites. Companies lose an estimated $4.6 trillion in sales annually as a result of frustrated shoppers who abandon the purchase experience. This post will share 10 best practices for e-commerce UX design to help you maximize conversions. Why UX design...
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4 Business Goals for First-Time Entrepreneurs

As a first-time entrepreneur, your journey will be filled with opportunities for evolution, personal growth and the first taste of what it means to be your own boss. In order to achieve all of the big moments and milestones that come along with that title, you need to be strategic and intentional about your goals....
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How to Make the Most Out of Your Existing Content

When you start your business, you’re brimming with ideas. You have so many thoughts not only about your company, but for content pieces demonstrating your expertise that you can’t fathom how you’ll be able to cover them all. But, flash forward a few years, and you start to run out of steam on the content...
content game
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7 Ways to Boost Your Content Strategy

If you've been producing content for a while, either on behalf of your business or brand, you might fear that your well of creative ideas is running dry. Yes, it's difficult to be inspired all the time, but the fear of running out of ideas shouldn't be taken too seriously. There is always a new...
cloud communication
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How to Choose the Right Cloud Communication Software

It’s no secret that communication is critical for business success. In fact, it’s for this very reason that more and more companies are turning to cloud communication tools as a way to better meet the needs of modern employees and customers. Cloud communication tools like email, instant messaging, VoIP and WebRTC services ultimately offer a number of benefits...
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What to Do When Your Startup’s Outreach Strategy Hits a Wall

You’ve sent out campaign after campaign with some success, but six months down the line, you feel you’ve exhausted every avenue you could with a client and your link building strategy is coming to a halt. The pressure to build links and improve rankings is on and you are considering doing what you always pride...
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How to Optimize E-Commerce for Millennials

Millennials are highly interested in great deals, experiences and ethical business practices. When it comes to the latter, a majority of millennials are willing to pay more for products from brands that prioritize sustainability. Even so, they’re hard to pin down. According to MergeIn, price is the No. 1 concern for millennials, which presents a...
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How Startups Can Upgrade Their App Development

These days, it’s hard to imagine a successful business that doesn’t have some kind of mobile app integration. Whether it’s a lean startup, or a massive enterprise, companies are recognizing the importance of incorporating mobile into their long term business strategy. What’s even harder to imagine, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or a part of...
user testing
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5 User Testing Mistakes That Even Experienced Startups Make

"We had a big idea and we freaking went for it," Kash Shaikh, Besomebody CEO, wistfully told the company's community earlier this year. The Boston-based business, Shaikh continued, would then shut its doors the very next day. It's a story that no startup wants to hear. After appearing last November on ABC's "Shark Tank," Besomebody briefly gained fame...
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The 10-Day Plan for Launching an E-Commerce Startup

Successfully growing an e-commerce business requires careful consideration and due diligence. There’s obviously a lot of work that goes into planning and formulating an e-commerce business, but the real hustle comes when you’re ready to launch and start selling. The most important work comes between the time it takes you to buy a domain and...
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Reputation Management: 3 Tips for Establishing Credibility as a Startup

As a startup, you’re probably still gaining momentum in your industry and may not have the visibility your larger competitors have. They’ve been around longer, so it makes sense that they have a larger social media following and a bigger subscriber base. However, that doesn't automatically mean that they have a superior product. It just...
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Top 2 Essential Strategies for Startup Revenue Growth

Perhaps the most fundamental question on every business owner's mind is, "How do I increase my revenue?" It's a question that can create anxiety, fuel determination or lead to even more questions. As plenty of research has shown, the health of your business impacts your personal health, quite literally. It's no wonder this topic stirs up...
Mobile Optimisation
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Mobile Optimisation: Stay Relevant and Boost Your Sales!

A Simple Guide to Mobile Optimisation You may have come across the term mobile optimisation a lot recently, but what is it and why is it important for you as a small business? It’s fairly simple really. Mobile optimisation is the process of coding a website so that when users access it via a smartphone...
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UX is Crucial

The UX (User Experience) - You never get a second chance As the Internet has grown and enhanced over the last two decades, competition for web traffic has expanded with it. In order to operate a successful web venture, it is no longer enough to simply increase a marketing budget and advertising expenditures. Engaging users...
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User Experience: How it Reflects on Your Brand & What to Do

How the user experience reflects on your brand User Experience, or UX, is much more than how a user works his or her way through your product. In truth, it’s the entire feeling of the product, from the time a user first learns about the product all the way to when they become daily users...